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Retention in HIV Programmes: Defining the Challenges and Identifying Solutions
Publication year: 2012
Corporate author: World Health Organisation (WHO)
Publication details: Geneva, WHO, 2012
Adolescents | Antiretroviral Therapy | Community Participation | Monitoring and Evaluation | PMTCT | programme planning | TB

Availability of nutritional support services in HIV care and treatment sites in Sub-Saharan African countries
Publication year: 2011
Author(s): Anema, Aranka [et al.]
Publication details: s.l., Public Health Nutrition, 2011
Publication in: Public Health Nutrition: 15(5), 2011, pp. 938–947
Antiretroviral Therapy | Nutrition | Prevalence | Statistical Analysis

Remedicalizing an Epidemic from HIV Treatment as Prevention to HIV Treatment Prevention
Publication year: 2010
Author(s): Nguyen, Vinh-Kim [et al.]
Publication details: s.l.: Wolters Kluwer Health, 2010
Publication in: AIDS 2010, 24:000–000
Antiretroviral Therapy | Medicalisation | Microbicides | Politics of Science | Prevention | Treatment | Victim-Blaming

Will we end the HIV epidemic?: the impact of HIV treatment on HIV prevention and implications for the 2010 replenishment of the Global Fund to fight AIDS, TB and malaria.
Publication year: 2010
Corporate author: International AIDS Society.
Publication details: New York, International AIDS Society, 2010
Location: EP 1. BS12212.
Access | Antiretroviral Therapy | Epidermic | Prevention | Testing | Transmission | Treatment | Tuberculosis

United Nations General Assembly report on HIV and aids: follow-up to the declaration of commitment on HIV and aids.
Publication year: 2007
Corporate author: Zimbabwe Economic Development Strategy Document.
Publication details: Harare, MoHCW, 2007
Location: LE 1. BS/12090.
Antiretroviral Therapy | Counseling | Epidermiology | Male Circumcision | Orphans | PMTCT | Prevention | Testing | Transmission

Zimbabwe paediatric ART training manual for health care workers.
Publication year: 2007
Corporate author: HIV and AIDS Quality of Care Initiative, Elizabeth Glasier paediatric AIDS Foundation, Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention
Location: CL 1. BS/11967.
Antenatal Care | Antiretroviral Therapy | Epidemic | HIV Virus Structure | Immunology | Infections | Prevention | Statistics | Transmission | Virology

AIDS and TB programmes annual report 2006
Publication year: 2006
Corporate author: AIDS nad TB Programmes.
Publication details: Harare, AIDS and TB Programmes, 2006
Location: EP 1. BS/11419.
Antiretroviral Therapy | ART | condom distribution | Counselling | PMTCT | TB | Testing
Antiretroviral drugs for all: towards universal treatment in Zambia
Publication year: 2006
Corporate author: Panos Institute Southern Africa.
Publication details: Lusaka, Panos Institute Southern Africa, 2006
Location: TM. BS/10942.
Antiretroviral Therapy | ART | Prevention | Statistics | Treatment | Universal Access

Antiretroviral treatment (ART) in children
Publication year: 2006
Corporate author: SAfAIDS.
Publication details: Harare, SAfAIDS, 2006
Location: TM 1 F/11161.
Antiretroviral Therapy | ART | Children | Side effects

Avoiding and managing side effects
Publication year: 2006
Corporate author: HIV i-Base.
Publication details: London , HIV i-Base, 2006
Series: HIV i-base February 2005
Location: TM 1. BS/10468.
Adherence | Antiretroviral Therapy | ART | Drugs | Side effects | Treatment

Delivering HIV care and treatment for people who use drugs: lessons from research and practice
Publication year: 2006
Author(s): Curtis, Matt (Ed.)
Publication details: New York, Open Society Institute, 2006
Antiretroviral Therapy | Care | Clinical Research | IDUs | injecting drug users | Treatment

Equity and health system strengethening in ART roll out: an analysis from literature review of experiences from east and southern Africa
Publication year: 2006
Author(s): Chingombe, I et al.
Publication details: Harare, Regional Network for Equity in Health in East and Southern Africa, 2006
Antiretroviral Therapy | ART | Children Affected by HIV and AIDS | Gender | Monitoring and Evaluation | Treatment

Guidelines for counselling on ARV treatment
Publication year: 2006
Corporate author: Southern African AIDS Trust, Canadian International Development Agency. SIDA.
Publication details: Johannesburg, SAT, 2006
Series: HIV Counselling Series No. 12
Location: CU 1. BS/11909.
Adherence | Antiretroviral Therapy | ART | counselling and testing | Disclosure | Treatment

HIV treatment bulletin
Publication year: 2006
Corporate author: HIV i-Base.
Publication details: London, HIV i-Base, 2006
Series: HIV i-base volume 7 no.6
Location: TM 1. BS/10326.
Antiretroviral Therapy | ART | sexually transmitted infections | STIs | Treatment

HIV/AIDS laboratory capacity: how far we have come and where we are going
Publication year: 2006
Corporate author: WHO/AFRO; AAVP; SAfAIDS.
Publication details: Harare, WHO/AFRO, AAVP, SAfAIDS, 2006
Location: PL 1. BS/11663.
Antiretroviral Therapy | assessment methods | Communication | Information | laboratory capacity | logistics | prevention methods | quality assurance | Research development | Surveillance | testing and counselling

Lesotho: the case for more donor funds to purchase antiretroviral drugs
Publication year: 2006
Author(s): Bicknell, W J
Publication details: Lesotho , Boston University, 2006
Location: EC 1. F/10154.
Antiretroviral Therapy | Donor Funding | Economic Aspects | Treatment | Universal Access

Our story
Publication year: 2006
Author(s): Willis, N
Publication details: Harare, AfricaID, 2006
Location: PS 1. BS/12017.
Antiretroviral Therapy | ART | care and support | Cure | Drugs | Transmission

Practical guides for people living with HIV
Publication year: 2006
Corporate author: Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange (CATIE).
Publication details: Toronto, Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange (CATIE), 2006
Location: TM. CD/10683.
Antiretroviral Therapy | ART | ARVs | HAART | Herbal Therapy | Side effects | Treatment

Reducing vulnerability to HIV/AIDS: guidelines, strategies, evaluations, tools and documents ART related training modules
Publication year: 2006
Corporate author: International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.
Publication details: Geneva, IFRC, 2006
Location: TM. CD/10734.
Antiretroviral Therapy | ART | care and support | Monitoring and Evaluation | training modules | Treatment

Soul Buddyz; tomorrow is ours: parents, children and anti-retroviral treatment
Publication year: 2006
Corporate author: Soul City: Institute for Health and Development Communication.
Publication details: Parktown, Soul City: Institute for Health and Development Communication, 2006
Location: TM 1. F/11669.
access to drugs | Antiretroviral Therapy | ART | Children Affected by HIV and AIDS | PMTCT | Treatment

The economics of effective AIDS treatment: evaluating the policy options for Thailand
Publication year: 2006
Author(s): Revenga, A et al.
Publication details: Washington DC, The World Bank, 2006
Series: Health, nutrition, and population series
Antiretroviral Therapy | ART | care and support | Epidemiology | Policy | Treatment

The TRIPS agreement and access to ARVs
Publication year: 2006
Author(s): Avafia, T; Narasimhan, M S
Publication details: New york, UNDP,2006
Location: TM 1. BS/10622.
Antiretroviral Therapy | ART | Drugs | HIV Prevention | Treament | TRIPS Plus

AIDS bulletin
Publication year: 2005
Author(s): Crewe, M; Stein, J
Publication details: Tygerberg, Doug Powell, 2005
Location: EP 1. BS/12165.
Antenatal Care | Antiretroviral Therapy | ART | community based approaches | Disclosure | HIV Prevalence | microbicide