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Drug-effectiveness: new studies suggest that anti-HIV therapy is good value for money.
Publication year: 1996
Author(s): Alcorn, Keith.
Publication details: RD Moore, JG Barlett,1996
Location: Tm 1. F/7364.
Antiretroviral Therapy | Drug use | Treatment
What we know so far
Publication year: 1996
Author(s): Gazzard, B
Publication details: London, Rapid Science Publishers
Location: Tm 1. F/5647.
Antiretroviral Therapy | Combination Therapy | HIV protease inhibitors | mucleoside analogues | Treatment

Clinical care and management
Publication year: 1991
Author(s): Sweeney, J ; Peters, B S ; Main, J
Publication details: Oxfordshire, Carfax,1991
Location: AIDS Care 4/1991.
Antiretroviral Therapy | clinical care | Treatment

Antiretroviral therapy in adults: Southern African HIV clinicians society clinical guidelines
Corporate author: Southern African HIV Clinicians Society.
Publication details: South Africa, SAHCS,
Location: TM1. BS/9238.
Antiretroviral Therapy | Care | Drugs | Treatment

Nutrient requirements for people living with HIV/AIDS
Author(s): World Health organisation.
Publication details: Unpublished,
Location: CL 1. (F)CL 1.
Antiretroviral Therapy | clinical aspects | Nutrition | PLWHA

Qualitative and quantitative assessments of HAART adherence of substance-abusing women
Author(s): Powell-Cope, G M et al.
Publication details: London, Taylor Francis,
Location: Tm 1. F/8854.
Antiretroviral Therapy | HAART | Interventions | Substance Abuse

Reducing childhood mortality in poor countries: antenatal and perinatal strategies to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV infection
Author(s): Newell,Marie-Louise.
Publication details: ,
Series: Transactions of the Royal society of Tropical medicine and hygiene (2003)97,22-24
Location: TR 1. (F)TR 1 9051.
Antiretroviral Therapy | Breastfeeding | Infant delivery | Vertical Transmisiion

Reducing mother-to-infant transmission of HIV: the door remains open
Corporate author: Massachusetts Medical Society.
Location: Tr 1. F/8738.
Antiretroviral Therapy | Treatment | Vertical Transmission

Why we must provide HIV treatment information
Corporate author: Treatment Action Campaign.
Publication details: Cape Town, Treatment Action Campaign, 2006
Adherence | Antiretroviral Therapy | ART | care and support | Drugs | Education | Information | people living with HIV | Treatment literacy