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HIV Treatment and Care: What is New in HIV Treatment
Publication year: 2015
Corporate author: WHO
Publication details: Geneva, WHO, 2015
Care | First-Line Regimens | Research | Second-Line Regimens | Treatment
LGBTI Human Rights in Southern Africa: A Contemporary Literature Review
Publication year: 2015
Corporate author: HIVOS-South Africa
Publication details: Pretoria, HIVOS, 2015
Gender | Human Rights | LGBTI | MSM | Public Health | Research | Stigma

Technical Update on HIV Incidence Assays for Surveillance and Monitoring Purposes
Publication year: 2015
Corporate author: UNAIDS, WHO
Publication details: Geneva, WHO, 2015
HIV Surveillance | Incidence | Monitoring | Research

Adolescent girls, capabilities and gender justice: review of the lierature for East Africa, South Asia and South-East Asia
Publication year: 2013
Author(s): Carol Watson, James Hamilton
Corporate author: Overseas Development Institute (ODI)
Publication details: UK, ODI, 2013
Adolescents | Education | gender inequalities | Reproductive Health | Research

An analysis of gender-based domestic violence and reactions In Southern Africa
Publication year: 2013
Author(s): Raditloaneng, Wapula Nellly
Publication details: Gaborone, Wudpecker Journals, 2013
Publication in: Wudpecker Journal of Sociology and Anthropology Vol. 1(5) December 2013, pp. 060 - 071
Domestic Violence | Economic Aspects | Gender Activism | gender and development | gender issues | Gender-Based Violence | Research | Women and HIV/AIDS

An Analysis of Gender-Based Domestic Violence and Reactions In Southern Africa
Publication year: 2013
Author(s): Raditloaneng, Wapula Nelly
Publication details: s.l., Wudpecker Journals, 2013
Publication in: Wudpecker Journal of Sociology and Anthropology Vol. 1(5), December 2013, pp. 060 - 071
Community | Domestic Violence | Gender-Based Violence | Research

An Analysis of Gender-Based Domestic Violence and Reactions in Southern Africa
Publication year: 2013
Author(s): Nelly Raditloaneng, Wapula
Publication details: South Africa, Wudpecker Journals, 2013
Publication in: Wudpecker Journal of Sociology and Anthropology Vol. 1(5), pp. 060 - 071, December 2013
Community | Gender-Based Domestic Violence | Research

Enhancing psychosocial support for HIV positive adolescents in Harare, Zimbabwe
Publication year: 2013
Author(s): Mavhu, Webster [et al.]
Publication details: Harare, University of Zimbabwe, 2013
Publication in: Plos One, Vol. 8, Issue 7, Jul. 2013
Adolescents | Antiretrovirals | Interventions | PLWHA | PMTCT | psycho-social support | Research

From Research to Reality: Investing in HIV Research in a Challenging Landscape
Publication year: 2013
Corporate author: Global Advocacy for HIV Prevention (AVAC)
Publication details: New York, AVAC, 2013
Development | Funding | Global Investment | Microbicides Research | Prevention | Research | Treatment | Vaccines

IAV REPORT-The Publications of Vaccine Research
Publication year: 2013
Author(s): Jefferys, Richard, McEnery, Regina, Von Bubnoff, Andreas, Gallo, Robertrt
Publication details: NewYork, IAV, 2013
Series: IAVI REPORT,VOL17, number 1
Location: Va 1. BS\12693
A toddler Stole the show | Neutralising HIV Tat-specific Antibodies | Opportunistic Infections | Research | retroviruses | The Antibody Race | Vaccines Treatment

Life Expectancy During the Great Depression in Eleven European Countries
Publication year: 2013
Author(s): Bruckner, Tim A., Noymer, Andrew, Catanalo, Ralph A.
Corporate author: Population Council
Publication details: New York, Population Council, 2013
Publication in: Population and Development Review, Vol.39, No.1, March 2013, pp.57-74
Economic Development | Life Expectancy | Research

New Cohort Fertility Forecasts for the Developed World: Rises, Falls and Reversals
Publication year: 2013
Author(s): Myrskyla, Mikko, Goldstein, Joshua R, Chenge, Yen-Hsin, Alice
Corporate author: Population council
Publication details: New York, Population Council, 2013
Publication in: Population and Development Review, Vol. 39, No.1, March 2013, pp.31-56
Location: Ep 1. BS/12700
Economic Recession | Fertility | Research | research methodology
Research and development of new drugs against tuberculosis (Chapter 16)
Publication year: 2013
Author(s): Guzman, Juan D.;Montes-Rincón, Ximena; Ribón, Wellman
Publication details: London, Creative Commons, 2013
Research | TB Drugs | Treatment | Tuberculosis

Toward an Understanding of Disengagement from HIV Treatment and Care in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Qualitative Study
Publication year: 2013
Author(s): Ware, Norma C. [et al.]
Publication details: USA, PLOS Medicine, 2013
Publication in: PLOS Medicine, 2013, Volume 10, Issue 1, e1001369
clinical care | Ethics | Research | Treatment

Trends and Socio-Economic Gradients in Adulty Mortality Around the Developing World
Publication year: 2013
Author(s): De Walque, Damien, Filmer, Deon
Corporate author: Population council
Publication details: New York, Population council, 2013
Series: Population and Development Review, Vol.39, No// 1, March 2013
Location: Ep 1. BS\12700
Adulty mortality | demography | Prevalence | Research | Socio-Economic Issues

National HIV and AIDS health sector research and evaluation agenda (2011-2015)
Publication year: 2012
Corporate author: National AIDS Control Programme (NACP)
Publication details: Dar es Salaam, NACP, 2012
Evaluation | Planning | Research | Response | testing and counselling

Zimbabwe demographic and health survey 2010-11
Publication year: 2012
Author(s): Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency Harare, Zimbabwe
Corporate author: Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency (ZIMSTAT), ICF International
Publication details: Harare, Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency, 2012
Health | HIV | Research

Engaging media in communicating research on sexual and reproductive health and rights in sub-Saharan Africa: experiences and lessons learned
Publication year: 2011
Author(s): Ndakala Oronje, Rose [et al]
Publication details: s.l., Biomed Central, 2011
Publication in: Health Research Policy and Systems 2011, 9(Suppl 1):S7
Capacity Building | Communication | Media | Research | Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

National Strategic Plan on HIV, STIs and TB: 2012-2016
Publication year: 2011
Corporate author: South African National AIDS Council (SANAC)
Publication details: South Africa, SANAC, 2011
Development | Financing | GovernancE | Monitoring and Evaluation | programme planning | Research | STIs | Strategic Planning | TB

Demographic research: extra-marital sexual partnerships and male friendships in rural Malawi.
Publication year: 2010
Author(s): Clark, S
Publication details: Germany, Demographic Research, 2010
Location: RM 1. F/12250.
Gender | Marital | MCPs | Policy | Research | Statistics

Evidence for action on HIV treatment and care systems.
Publication year: 2010
Author(s): Matthews, J
Publication details: Alliance, 2010
Location: CSB 1. F/12219.
Adherence | Adolescents | Care | Communication | Development | Gender | PLWHIV | Research | Resistance | Treatment

Keystone Symposium on HIV Vaccines: Why Clinical Trials Are a Sound Investment.
Publication year: 2010
Author(s): Kresge, K
Corporate author: IAVI
Publication details: Geneva, IAVI, 2010
Publication in: IAVI Report; Volume 14, number 2; March-April 2010
Antibody | CD4 Count | Communicable | Economic | Health | Infection | Prevention | Research | Transmission | Vaccine

PRO2000 Vaginal Gel for Prevention of HIV-1 Infection (Microbicides Development Programme 301): A Phase 3, Randomised, Double-Blind, Parallel-Group Trial
Publication year: 2010
Author(s): McCormack, Shena [et al.]
Publication details: London: The Lancet, 2010
Publication in: Lancet 2010; 376: 1329–37
Clinical Trials | Microbicides | Prevention | Research | Vaginal Gels

Research on child-headed households
Publication year: 2010
Corporate author: KZN
Publication details: Capetown, KZN, 2010
child-headed households | Research | Statistics
Scaling up HIV and AIDS prevention, treatment, care and support in community and home-based care programmes by reducing the burden of HIV and AIDS care on women, girls and carers in SADC
Publication year: 2010
Author(s): Isaacs, Evelyn
Corporate author: Regional AIDS Initiative of Southern Africa (RAISA), WHO
Publication details: Pretoria, VSO-RAISA, 2010
Girls | Home-Based Care | Prevention | Research | Treatment | Women

The time to eliminate paediatric AIDS is now.
Publication year: 2010
Author(s): Elizabeth Glaser paediatric AIDS Foundation.
Corporate author: Elizabeth Glaser paediatric AIDS Foundation
Publication details: Washington DC, Elizabeth Glaser paediatric AIDS Foundation, 2010
Location: CSB 1. F/12218.
Advocacy | Children | Health | Infection | Medicine | Paediatric | Policy | Prevention | Research | Transmission | Treatment | Women