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Against the odds: the story of AIDS drug development, politics and profits.
Publication year: 1992
Author(s): Arno, peter S.; Feiden, Karyn L.
Publication details: New York, HarperCollins,1992
Location: Ep 1. BS/7235.
AZT | Clinical Trials | Drugs | Epidemiology | patents | Policy | Prevention | Testing | Vulnerability

Strategies for hope: from fear to hope: AIDS care and prevention at Chikankata Hospital, Zambia
Publication year: 1992
Author(s): Williams, G
Publication details: UK, ACTIONAID and AMREF,1992
Location: Ca 1. BS/5828.
Care | care centres | Counselling | Family | Health Care | Home Based Care | Hospitals | Prevention | Training

AIDS and intravenous drug use: community interventions and prevention
Publication year: 1991
Corporate author: AIDS Care.
Publication details: Oxfordshire, Carfax,1991
Location: AIDS Care 3/1991.
Drug use | Interventions | Prevention

AIDS in Africa
Publication year: 1991
Author(s): Gilada, I S
Publication details: Oxfordshire, Carfax,1991
Location: AIDS Care 4/1991.
Clinical Trials | Epidemiology | Prevention
Health sector priorities review: HIV infection and sexually transmitted diseases.
Publication year: 1991
Author(s): Over, Mead; Piot, Peter.
Publication details: Washington, World Bank,1991
Location: Tr 1. BS/7254.
Epidemiology | Infection | Interventions | Prevalence | Prevention | seroprevalence | socioeconomic aspects | STDs | Transmission

Medical management of AIDS
Publication year: 1991
Corporate author: AIDS Care.
Publication details: Oxfordshire, Carfax,1991
Location: AIDS Care 1/1991.
Prevention | Treatment

Prevention of HIV infection from injecting drug use - a review of health promotion approaches
Publication year: 1991
Author(s): NuTBeam, D; Blakey, V; Pates, R
Publication details: United Kingdom, Pergamon Press,1991
Location: Pr 2. F/8709.
health promotion | Injecting Drug Use | Policy | Prevention

Sex: a fast, funny and frank look at safe sex in the '90s.
Publication year: 1991
Corporate author: Australian Broadcasting Corporation, National AIDS Campaign.
Publication details: Canberra, National AIDS Campaign,1991
Location: Pr 2. F/8007.
Condom use | Prevention | Safe Sex | Sexual Behaviour | STDs

Adolescents at risk: prevalence and prevention.
Publication year: 1990
Author(s): Dryfoos, Joy G.
Publication details: Oxford, Oxford University Press,1990
Location: Pr 1. BS/7234.
Adolescents | Prevalence | Prevention | Risk Behaviour

Migrants: HIV testing and counselling - a manual for IOM counsellors.
Publication year: 1990
Author(s): Panza, Alessio.
Corporate author: International Organisation for Migration (IOM).
Publication details: Geneva, IOM,1990
Location: Cu 1. BS/7253.
clinical aspects | Counselling | Diagnosis | Discrimination | Infection | Migration | Prevention | Screening | Testing | Transmission | Treatment

AIDS and the press: an analysis of the coverage of AIDS by Zimbabwe newspapers
Publication year: 1989
Author(s): Pritts, M, Jackson, H.
Publication details: S.L., S.N,1989
Location: ME1. F/9242.
Care | Counselling | Media | Press | Prevention | Risk | Transmission
AIDS COM: extending the role of AIDS hotlines in AIDS prevention programs in developed and developing countries
Publication year: 1989
Author(s): Saunders, S G; Helquist, M; Vega de la, E
Publication details: Montreal
AIDS hotlines | developing and developed countries | Prevention

AIDS and the third world.
Publication year: 1988
Corporate author: The Panos Institute, Norwegian Red Cross.
Publication details: London, Panos,1988
Location: Ep 1. BS/7271.
Economic Aspects | Epidemiology | Humanitarian Issues | Interventions | Prevention | Treatment

Cervical cancer and how to stop worrying about it
Publication year: 1988
Author(s): Harvey, J; Mack, s; Woolfson, J
Publication details: London, Faber and Faber,1988
Location: Cl 1. BS/8670.
cervical cancer | clinical aspects | Prevention | Testing | Treatment

No magic bullet: a social history of venereal disease in the United States since 1880.
Publication year: 1985
Author(s): Brandt, Allan M.
Publication details: New York, Oxford University Press,1985
Location: Ep 1. BS/7242.
aetiology | Epidemiology | Prevention | Venereal Diseases

Essential community medicine (including relevant social services)
Publication year: 1983
Author(s): Donaldson, R J ; Donaldson, L J
Publication details: Lancaster, MTP Press,1983
Location: Tm 1. BS/8693.
clinical aspects | communicable diseases | environmental health | Prevention | Treatment

Practical epidemiology
Publication year: 1982
Author(s): Barker, D J
Publication details: New York, Longman,1982
Location: Ep 1. BS/8662.
Epidemiology | Population | Prevention

A guide for survivors of rape and sexual assault
Corporate author: Department of Health
Publication details: South Africa, Department of Health, 2009
Counselling | Effects of Pills | Health | Pills | Police Duties | Prevention | Rape | Testing | Transmission

A participatory approach to community-based HIV/AIDS awareness
Author(s): Breslin, E D; Sawyer, R
Series: Development in Practice
Location: Pr 1. (F) Pr 1 5094.
participatory research | Prevention

Actors help teach medical students about stigma and HIV.
Corporate author: SAfAIDS.
Publication details: Harare, SAfAIDS,n.d.
Series: SAfAIDS Newsflash
Location: Le 1. F/8134.
Advocacy | Awareness | Prevention | Theatre

Addressing HIV related stigma and discrimination: a collaborative project of the International Centre for Research on Women, the change project, and local patners
Corporate author: International Centre for Research on Women (ICRW).
Publication details: Washington DC, ICRW,
Location: Le 1. F/6580.
Care | Discrimination | Interventions | Prevention | Stigma

African regional forum of religious health organisations in reproductive health
Corporate author: International Family Health.
Location: Pr 2. BS/Pr 2 5060.
peer education | Prevention | Reproductive Health