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Guidelines for HIV/AIDS interventions in emergency settings
Corporate author: Inter-Agency Standing Committee Task Force on HIV/AIDS in Emergency Settings
Publication details: Geneva, UNHCR, 2005
Children | Conflict | emergencies | mobile populations | Prevention | Women

Healthy eating for people living with AIDS
Corporate author: Catholic AIDS Action (CAA).
Publication details: Windhoek, CAA,n.d.
Location: Ca 1. BS/8834.
Care | Nutrition | Prevention | Treatment

HEARD 2007 Annual Report.
Corporate author: Heard (Health Economics and HIV and AIDS Research Division).
Publication details: Durban, HEARD, 2008
Capacity Building | Care | Economics | Health | Orphans and Vulnerable children | Prevention | Research | Response | Treatment | Workplace

HIV and HCV: distinct infections with important overlapping challenges
Author(s): Stefan Wiktor, Nathan Ford, Andrew Ball and Gottfried Hirnschall
Publication details: Geneva:Journal of the International AIDS Society, 2014
access to treatment | Civil Society | HCV | HIV | Prevention | Stigma

HIV/AIDS and Human Rights Consultation on the Role of the Judiciary,Leislature and legal Practitioners.
Corporate author: Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights.
Publication details: Harare, Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights,
Location: LE. 9966.
Advocacy | criminal law | employment laws | global crisis | Human Rights | Leadership | Policy | Prevention | prisons health | Sexual Offences | women vulnerability

HIV/AIDS and Work guidelines for Trade Unions.
Corporate author: ILO.
Publication details: Geneva, ILO,
Location: EM 1. EM 1 F/10083.
Care | Organisation | Prevention | Rights | trade unions | Workplace

HIV/AIDS in Africa: Is there anything that can be done?
Corporate author: SAPEM.
Publication details: ,
Series: SAPEM
Location: Ep 1. F/6404.
Awareness | Care | Education | Infection | Planning | Policy | Prevalence | Prevention

HIV/AIDS in Poland: prevention activities and costs
Author(s): Zielinska, W; Korczak, R
Publication details: Poland, Clinical HIV/AIDS Centre,
Location: Pr 2. F/6432.
care centres | clinical aspects | Education | Information | Prevention

HIV/AIDS threat and prevention in marginalised ethnic groups
Author(s): BRENZINGER Matthias, HARMS Gundel.
Publication details: Eschborn , Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Technische Zusammenarbeit,
Location: PR1. BS/9956.
Care | Communication | Education | Health | Prevention | Traditional Healing

Hope Initiative: Response to HIV and AIDS in Africa.
Corporate author: World Vision.
Publication details: South Africa, World Vision,
Location: PR2. F/10982.
Advocacy | Church Patnerships | community care | operations research | Prevention | psycho-social support

How to handle a modern epidemic
Author(s): Porter, R
Location: Pr 2. F/8727.
Policy | Prevention | Public Health | Response

Human Rights Under Threat: Four Perspectives on HIV, AIDS and the Law in Southern Africa.
Author(s): Viljoen, F; Precious, S (eds).
Publication details: Pretoria, Pretoria University Law Press (PULP), 2007
Criminalisation of HIV Transmission | Human Rights | Law | Prevention | Testing | Treatment

Impact of HIV/AIDS in Lithuania.
Author(s): Chaplinskas, S
Publication details: Vilnius, Lithuanian AIDS Centre,
Location: Pr 2. F/6446.
Assessment | Cost | Drug Abuse | Prevention | Prisoners | Sex Workers | STDs | Testing | Transmission

Increase Women's Control Over Prevention Fights
Corporate author: The Global Coaliton on Women and AIDS
Publication details: Geneva, The Global Coaliton on Women and AIDS ,
Location: GE 1. F/10978.
Awareness | Gender | Prevention

Influence of infant-feeding patterns on early mother-to-child transmission of HIV-1 in Durban, South Africa: a prospective cohort study
Author(s): Coutsoudis, A et al.
Corporate author: South African Vitamin A Study Group.
Series: Lancet
Location: Tr 1. F/5329.
Antenatal Testing | Breastfeeding | Prevention | Sociocultural Aspects