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Zimbabwe paediatric ART training manual for health care workers.
Publication year: 2007
Corporate author: HIV and AIDS Quality of Care Initiative, Elizabeth Glasier paediatric AIDS Foundation, Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention
Location: CL 1. BS/11967.
Antenatal Care | Antiretroviral Therapy | Epidemic | HIV Virus Structure | Immunology | Infections | Prevention | Statistics | Transmission | Virology

10 things about HIV and AIDS and the World Bank
Publication year: 2006
Corporate author: The World Bank.
Publication details: Washington DC, The World Bank, 2006
Location: EC 1. BS/10751.
Care | care and support | Economic Aspects | Mitigation | Prevention | Treatment
Antiretroviral drugs for all: towards universal treatment in Zambia
Publication year: 2006
Corporate author: Panos Institute Southern Africa.
Publication details: Lusaka, Panos Institute Southern Africa, 2006
Location: TM. BS/10942.
Antiretroviral Therapy | ART | Prevention | Statistics | Treatment | Universal Access

Basic facts about HIV and AIDS
Publication year: 2006
Corporate author: SAfAIDS, WHO, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.
Publication details: Harare, SAfAIDS, 2006
Location: PR 1. BS/11177.
Counselling | Prevention | Testing

Deciphering AIDS vaccines: an anthology of VAX and IAVI report articles explaining key concepts in AIDS vaccines research and clinical trials
Publication year: 2006
Author(s): Noble, S (Ed.)
Corporate author: IAVI.
Publication details: New York, IAVI, 2006
Location: VA 1. BS/11018.
Prevention | Transmission | Trials | Vaccines | VCT

Engaging communities in youth reproductive health and HIV projects: a guide to participatory assessments
Publication year: 2006
Author(s): Zambezi, R; Hernandez, J
Publication details: Tanzania, Family Health International, 2006
Education | peer educators | Prevention | prevention methods | Sexual and reproductive health | Youth

Food in the fight against AIDS
Publication year: 2006
Corporate author: World Food Programme.
Publication details: Rome, World Food Programme HIV/AIDS Unit, 2006
Location: EC 1. BS/10767.
Food Security | Nutrition | Orphans and Vulnerable children | OVC | Poverty | Prevention

HIV and AIDS prevention, care, treatment and support in prison settings
Publication year: 2006
Author(s): Lines, R; Stover, H
Publication details: New York, United Nations, 2006
Publication in: A Framework for an Effective National Response-Volume 06-57249
care and support | Counselling | Health | Human Rights | Prevention | Prisons | Stigma and Discrimination | Treatment | Vulnerability

HIV and men who have sex with men in Asia and the Pacific
Publication year: 2006
Author(s): Winder, R
Corporate author: UNAIDS
Publication details: Geneva, UNAIDS, 2006
Series: UNAIDS Best Practice Collection
Advocacy | MSM | outreach programme | peer education training | Prevention | Research

HIV insight knowlegde base
Publication year: 2006
Author(s): Laurence, P; Paul, V
Publication details: San Fransisco, University of Carlifornia, 2006
Location: CL. CD/10732.
clinical aspects | clinical manifestations | HIV Transmission | Prevention

HIV/AIDS and women reversing the trend
Publication year: 2006
Corporate author: WFP.
Publication details: Rome, WFP, 2006
Location: PR 1. BS/11561.
care and support | Education | maternity | men | Prevention | Promotion | Women

HIV/AIDS policy in the United States: monitoring the UNGASS Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS
Publication year: 2006
Author(s): Public Health Watch
Publication details: New York, Open Society Institute, 2006
Location: ET 1. BS/10759.
care and support | Monitoring and Evaluation | Policy | Prevention | Treatment

HIVOS annual report: HIV and AIDS prevention for girl guides
Publication year: 2006
Author(s): Mlambo, I
Publication details: Harare, HIVOS, 2006
Location: OG 1. BS/11076.
girl | Prevention | Report

IATEC update
Publication year: 2006
Author(s): Lange, J
Publication details: Armsterdam, IATEC, 2006
Location: TM 1. BS/10723.
Clinical Trials | Prevention | Treatment | update | Vaccines

id21 Insights
Publication year: 2006
Author(s): Mahendra, S (Ed.)
Publication details: Brighton, Institute of Development Studies, 2006
Series: No.64 November 2006
Location: SO 1. F/10722.
HIV Prevention | Prevention | Sex Workers | Sexuality | Social Aspects | Stigma

Improving health in challenging environments
Publication year: 2006
Corporate author: Management Sciences for Health
Publication details: Cambridge, Management Sciences for Health, 2006
Location: PR 1. BS/10724.
Capacity Building | Community mobilisation | Health | Impact | Prevention

Joint United Nations Programme of Support on AIDS 2007 - 2010.
Publication year: 2006
Corporate author: UNAIDS Zambia
Publication details: Lusaka, UNAIDS Zambia, 2006
Epidemic Status | Funding | Monitoring and Evaluation | Prevention | programme planning | Response | socio-economic impact | Support | Treatment

Multi-drug resistant TB: how you can be cured?
Publication year: 2006
Corporate author: TB Alert.
Publication details: London, TB Alert, 2006
Location: CL 1. F/11139.
care and support | MDR TB | Prevention | TB | TB-HIV Co-infection | XDR TB

PMTCT and paediatric HIV prevention, treatment and care national plan 2006-2010
Publication year: 2006
Author(s): Mabiza, E
Publication details: Harare, MoHCW, 2006
Location: TR 1. BS/12199.
Children Affected by HIV and AIDS | PMTCT | Prevention | prevention methods

Prevention and management of side effects and drug interactions (ART)
Publication year: 2006
Author(s): Fomundam, H et al.
Publication details: Pretoria, Jacana Media, 2006
Series: Caring together for life: HIV/AIDS Policy Guidelines
Location: TM 1. BS/11101.
Antiretroviral | ART | Drugs | Prevention

Resolution adopted by the General Assembly: Political Declaration on HIV and AIDS
Publication year: 2006
Corporate author: United Nations
Publication details: Geneva, UN, 2006
Location: PL 1. F/11374.
care and support | political declarations | Prevention | UNGASS | Universal Access

Standards for curriculum-based reproductive health and HIV education programs
Publication year: 2006
Author(s): Senderowitz, J; Kirby, D
Publication details: Arlington, Family Health International, 2006
curriculum development | Education | Prevention | Sexual and reproductive health

TB can be cured: a health workers guide
Publication year: 2006
Corporate author: Khomanani, Stop TB.
Publication details: Johannesburg, Cape Town, 2006
Series: Caring Together for Life Khomanani
Location: CL 1. BS/11140.
Adherence | Prevention | Side effects | TB | TB/HIV

The draft national infection prevention and control guidelines for TB, MDR TB and XDR TB
Publication year: 2006
Corporate author: Department of Health.
Publication details: Pretoria, Department of Health, 2006
Location: PL 1. CD/11134.
care and support | MDR TB | Prevention | TB | TB-HIV Co-infection | XDR TB

The national female condom strategy: 2006- 2010
Publication year: 2006
Author(s): Mabiza, T
Publication details: Harare, MOHCW, 2006
Location: PR 2. BS/12279.
Condom | Condom use | Female Condom | Prevention | prevention methods

Thrive magazine
Publication year: 2006
Author(s): Conard, R (Ed.)
Publication details: California, AIDS Health Care Foundation, 2006
Series: Special Issue 2006
Location: TM. BS/10753.
Advocacy | Health | Prevention | Treatment

Youth peer education in reproductive health and HIV/AIDS: progress, process, and programming for the future
Publication year: 2006
Author(s): Adamchak, S E
Publication details: Arlington, Family Health International, 2006
Series: Youth Issues Paper 7
Monitoring and Evaluation | peer education | Planning | Prevention | Youth

ZAPSO: your patner in HIV and AIDS prevention
Publication year: 2006
Corporate author: ZAPSO.
Publication details: Harare, ZAPSO, 2006
Location: OG 1. F/11545.
care and support | Prevention | prevention methods

3 by 5 progress report: December 2004
Publication year: 2005
Author(s): World Health Organisation
Corporate author: UNAIDS, WHO
Publication details: Geneva, WHO, 2005
Location: PL 1. BS/9815.
accreditation | ART | ARV | Children | Home Based Care | Monitoring and Evaluation | planning and management | Prevention | Statistics | testing and counselling | Treatment