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UNAIDS and non-governmental organisations
Publication year: 1999
Author(s): UNAIDS
Publication details: Geneva, UNAIDS,1999
Location: Og 1. BS/5886.
NGOs | Organisations | programme planning | Programmes

Voluntary Service Overseas: Southern Africa Regional HIV/AIDS initiative project memorandum
Publication year: 1999
Corporate author: VSO
Publication details: London, VSO,1999
Location: PL 1. (F)PL 1 9138.
Organisations | planning and management | Project Implementation

Establishing and running a development NGO: a handbook
Publication year: 1998
Author(s): Holloway, R
Location: Pl 1. Pl 1 BS/5001.
Management | NGOs | Organisations | Planning

Guide to the strategic planning process for a national response to HIV/AIDS
Publication year: 1998
Corporate author: UNAIDS.
Publication details: Geneva, UNAIDS
Location: Pl 1. BS/5136.
Development Planning | Funding | Networking | Organisations | resource planning

Life beyond aid: 20 strategies to help make NGOs sustainable
Publication year: 1998
Author(s): Cannon, L; Bowie, H
Publication details: Johannesburg, IPD INTERFUND,1998
Location: Og 1. F/6064.
Development | Economic Aspects | Funding | NGOs | Organisations

Oak Foundation annual report
Publication year: 1998
Publication details: Geneva, Oak,1998
Location: B/Ann.
Organisations | Programmes

Phillipines - the Women's Health Care Foundation: "her story"
Publication year: 1998
Author(s): Tadiar, M F; Malayang, R G; Baldemor, A
Publication details: Malaysia, ICOMP,1998
Series: Series on Upscaling Innovations in Reproductive Health in Asia, No. 5
Location: Og 1. BS/5777.
Adolescents | Advocacy | Education | Maternal Mortality | Networking | Nutrition | Organisations | programme planning | Programmes | Reproductive Health | Training | Women
AIDS organisations worldwide.
Publication year: 1997
Author(s): Cooper, Brian (ed.).
Corporate author: NAM Publications.
Publication details: UK, NAM Publications,1997
Location: REF 7030.
Networking | Organisations

Family AIDS Caring Trust: organisational development for HIV/AIDS organisations: a training manual
Publication year: 1997
Author(s): Robinson, F
Publication details: Mutare, FACT
Location: Og 1. BS/5660.
Evaluation | Organisations | Planning | Programmes | training methodology

Family AIDS Caring Trust: working with other organisations - a document for discussion
Publication year: 1997
Author(s): Magwere, L; Drew, R
Publication details: Mutare, FACT
Location: Og 1. BS/5658.
CBOs | Networking | operational strategies | Organisations | programme planning

Global Health Council (GHC)
Publication year: 1997
Corporate author: Global Health Council (GHC).
Publication details: Washington, GHC,1997
Location: REF 6663.
Directories | Organisations | Referral Information

HIV/AIDS networking guide: a comprehensive resource for individuals and organisations who wish to build, strengthen or sustain a network
Publication year: 1997
Author(s): Waring, B
Publication details: Canada, International Council of AIDS Service Organisations,1997
Location: Pl 1. BS/6540.
Human Rights | Networking | Organisations

UNDP guidebook on participation.
Publication year: 1997
Author(s): Clayton, A; Oakley, P; Pratt, B
Publication details: Oxford, INTRAC,1997
Series: Journal of Urban Health, Bulletin
Location: Pl 1. BS/6452.
community development | Community Participation | gender issues | Information | Interventions | Networking | Organisations

Family AIDS Caring Trust: practical steps towards community-based care
Publication year: 1996
Author(s): Drew, R
Publication details: Mutare, FACT
Location: Ca 1. BS/5661.
Awareness | Care | community programmes | Counselling | Networking | Organisations | peer education | Training

Partnerships program: general information
Publication year: 1996
Corporate author: Federation of Canadian Municipalities International Office.
Publication details: Ottawa, FCM,1996
Location: Og 1. BS/5917.
Evaluation | Funding | gender issues | Networking | Organisations | Programmes
Pattern of Cancer in Zimbabwe: Zimbabwe National Cancer Registry 1996 Annual Report.
Publication year: 1996
Author(s): Chokunonga, E. Rukainga, R. Mutasa, M. Mandizvidza, F.
Publication details: Harare, Zimbabwe National Cancer Registry,1996
Location: B/Ann.
Cancer | Evaluation | Organisations | Programmes

Two-way street: how international municipal cooperation benefits Canadian municipalities
Publication year: 1996
Corporate author: Federation of Canadian Municipalities International Office.
Publication details: Ottawa, FCM,1996
Location: Og 1. BS/5918.
Culture | economic impact | Evaluation | Networking | Organisations | Programmes

NGOs: AIDS activities in Thailand
Publication year: 1995
Author(s): Rujjanavet, B; Chinchotikasem, D
Location: Og 1. BS/5903.
Networking | NGOs | Organisations

Fostering collaboration between researchers and non-governmental organisations on women and AIDS in Zimbabwe
Publication year: 1994
Author(s): Misihairabwi, P; McCharen, N; Ray, S
Corporate author: International Centre for Research on Women and WASN (ICRW), Women and AIDS Support Network (WASN).
Publication details: Harare, WASN,1994
Location: Pr 1. BS/5769.
care centres | gender issues | Organisations | programme planning | research methodology | Women
Zimbabwe AIDS Network (ZAN) directory: implementing and funding organiations working on AIDS in Zimbabwe.
Publication year: 1992
Corporate author: Zimbabwe AIDS Network (ZAN).
Publication details: Harare, ZAN,1992
Location: REF 6935.
Directories | Organisations | reference materials

AIDS disaster: the failure of organisations in New York and the nation
Publication year: 1991
Corporate author: AIDS Care.
Publication details: Oxfordshire, Carfax,1991
Location: AIDS Care 4/1991.
Organisations | Response

Royal Tropical Institute: an Amsterdam landmark
Publication year: 1990
Corporate author: Royal Tropical Institute (KIT).
Publication details: Amsterdam, KIT,1990
Location: Og 1. BS/6660.
Organisations | Programmes

Now that we are positive, what do we do?: issues from women living with HIV/AIDS in African communities in the UK
Publication year: 1985
Author(s): Akina Mama wa Africa.
Publication details: London, Akina Mama waAfrica
Location: Pr 1. BS/5632.
Care | Organisations | PWAs | Women

Botswana media directory - 2nd edition
Publication details: Botswana, Information and Broadcasting,
Location: REF 6399.
Communication | Information | Media | Organisations

Creating choices promoting change
Corporate author: Reproductive Health Alliance.
Publication details: London, RHA,
Location: OG1. BS/9240.
Health Services | MTCT | Organisations | Prevention | programme planning | Reproductive Health
Enhancing care initiative AIDS
Author(s): Tarantola, D
Publication details: Boston, Harvard AIDS Institute,
Location: CSF 5987.
Analysis | Care | community based care | Epidemiology | Human Rights | Organisations | Programmes

Fighting Prejudices.
Corporate author: HIVOS.
Publication details: The Hague, HIVOS,
Location: PS 1. F/10864.
Awareness | Organisations | Prevention | Psychsocial Aspects | Rights