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Kenya AIDS NGOs Consortium(KANCO): policy case study
Author(s): Ragi,Allan.
Publication details: ,
Location: OG 1. (F)OG 1 9043.
Advocacy | KANCO | Organisations | Planning

organisation of AIDS prevention in Eastern Switzerland and the principality of Liechtenstein: approaches to increase efficiency
Author(s): Guntert, B; Oggier, W
Publication details: Switzerland, University of St Gallen,
Location: Pr 2. F/6444.
Funding | Organisations | Prevention | research methodology

Organisational development and strategic management course
Corporate author: PACT/South Africa.
Location: Og 1. (F)Og 1 5023.
Management | Organisations | Planning

Progress report on International Partnership against AIDS in Africa
Corporate author: UNAIDS. 2000
Location: Og 1. (F) Og 1 5183.
Africa | AIDS | Organisations | Partnership

Reporting on HIV/AIDS: a resource guide
Author(s): Nadi, G; Akyol, Z; Alibhai, N
Publication details: Dakar, The African Women's Media Center,
Location: Me 1. BS/5717.
Communication | Media | Organisations
The international partnership against AIDS in Africa
Corporate author: UNAIDS.
Location: Og 1. (F)Og 1 5034.
Management | Organisations | Planning