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Report of the United Nations Secretary-General's task force on women, girls and HIV/AIDS in Southern Africa
Corporate author: UN.
Publication details: Geneva , UN,s.d.
Location: GE 1. GE 1BS/9186.
Care | Gender | Girls | prevention methods | Treatment | Women

Role of the Zimbabwe national family planning programme in the prevention of HIV transmission
Author(s): Dube, H M
Publication details: The Hague, Institute of Social Studies
Location: Pr 2. BS/5251.
Care | Epidemiology | health care services | Opportunistic Diseases | Prevalence | Research | STIs

Socio-economic impact of AIDS: issues and options
Author(s): Loewenson, Rene. Kerkhoven, Russell.
Publication details: Harare , SAfAIDS,
Series: SAfAIDS Occasional Papers Series No.1
Location: EC 1. EC 1BS/9358.
Care | economic impact | Epidemiology | prevention methods

Stigma, denial, shame and discrimination: HIV in Africa
Corporate author: HDNET. 2001
Location: Le 1. F/6603.
Care | Discrimination | Media | Programmes | Stigma

Strengthening reproductive health services in Africa through operations research
Corporate author: USAID.
Publication details: USA, Population Council,
Location: Pr 1. BS/5942.
Abortion | Adolescents | Care | contraception | health care workers | Interventions | men | Programmes | Reproductive Health | STIs | Women

Succession planning in Uganda: early outreach for AIDS-affected children and their families
Corporate author: Population Council.
Publication details: Washington, Population Council,
Location: CSF. CSF/9217.
Care | Children | Planning | programme planning | PWAs

Taking Care of Each Other: Home-Based Care Programmes A Collective Responsibility.
Corporate author: Gender, Rural Development,Training and Consulting Services (GERUDE).
Publication details: Harare, Gender, Rural Development,Training and Consulting Services (GERUDE),
Location: CA 1. BS/10481.
Care | Community Participation | Home-Based Care PLWHA

TB Interviewing for Contact Investigation: A Practical Resource for the Healthcare Worker.
Corporate author: Global Tuberculosis Institute.
Publication details: London, Global Tuberculosis Institute, 2015
Care | health care workers | Information and Communication Skills Enhancement | TB Interviewing
The Child Within: Connecting with Children Who Have Experienced Grief and Loss.
Author(s): Rankin, J; Cochrane,R
Corporate author: Khulakahle Child Counselling and Training Forum.
Publication details: Oxford, Strategies for hope, 2008
Series: Called to Care; No. 6
Care | Children | Discipline | Grief | Loss

The cost-effectiveness of expanded HIV counselling and testing in primary care settings: a first look
Author(s): Phillips, K A; Fernyak, S
Series: AIDS
Location: Cu 1. (F) Cu 1 5513.
Care | Counselling | Testing | VCT

The Crisis of HIV/AIDS in Africa: a Jewish response
Corporate author: American Jewish World Service.
Publication details: NewYork , American Jewish World Service,
Location: RE 1. RE 1 BS/ 9097.
awareness programmes | Care | Intervention

Theology in a time of AIDS
Author(s): McDonagh, E
Location: Re 1. F/6144.
Care | Religion

Turning Bureaucrats into Warriors:Preparing and Implementing Multi-sector HIV/AIDS Programs in Africa.
Corporate author: World Bank.
Publication details: Washington DC, World Bank,
Location: PL 1. PL 1BS/10082.
Care | Medicine | Monitoring and Evaluation | Prevention | Programs | Support
Village projects "It takes a whole village..."
Corporate author: IMC on young people at risk Ministry department of welfare. 1999
Location: Pl 1. BS/5467.
Capacity Building | Care | Development | Economic Aspects | Education | Interventions | Networking | Orphans | Prevention | settlements

Zimbabwe national orphan care policy: Zimbabwe
Publication details: Harare, Ministry of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare,
Location: Et 1 F/6172.
Care | Interventions | Legal aspects | Orphans | Policy

Zimbabwean HIV/AIDS and Human Rights Charter.
Corporate author: Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights
Publication details: Harare , Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights,
Location: LE 1. BS/10256.
Care | Charter | confidentiality | Education | Freedom of Expression | Gender | Human Rights | privacy | Support | Treatment

Zimbabwe’s Challenge: Equity in Health Sector Responses to HIV and AIDS in Zimbabwe
Author(s): Ray, Sunanda; Kureya, Tendayi
Corporate author: SAfAIDS, EQUINET
Publication details: Harare, SAfAIDS, 2003
Series: Equinet Discussion Paper; No. 9, August 2003
ARVs | Care | Health Sector Response | Managing HIV/AIDS | Planning | Prevention | Treatment