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Optimizing Adherence to Preexposure and Postexposure Prophylaxis: The Need for an Integrated Biobehavioral Approach
Publication year: 2015
Author(s): Blashill, Aaron J.
Corporate author: WHO
Publication details: UK, Oxford University Press, 2015
Publication in: Optimizing Adherence to PEP and PrEP • CID 2015:60 (Suppl 3) • S187
Adherence | HIV | Mental Health | PEP | PrEP
HIV and Child Mental Health: A Case-Control Study in Rwanda
Publication year: 2014
Author(s): Betancourt. T, Scorza. P, Kanyanganzi. F et tal
Publication details: Elk Grove Village: American Academy of Pediatrics, 2014
Antiretroviral Therapy | Child | community health worker | HIV | Mental Health | Rwanda | Youth Self-Report

Strenghtening people's power for health: 14th national conference.
Publication year: 2007
Corporate author: CWGH.
Publication details: Harare, CWHG, 2007
Location: PR 1. BS/11058.
Capacity Building | Children | Mental Health | Monitoring | Orphans | Treatment | Violence Act | Youth

How depressing: poverty, mental health and municipal Services in South Africa
Publication year: 2006
Author(s): David, A M; Greg, R (Ed.)
Publication details: South Africa, Municipal Services Project, 2006
Series: Municipal Services Project: Occasional Papers No.12
Location: EC 1. BS/10892.
Economic Aspects | Mental Health | municipal services | Planning | Poverty

Services for all
Publication year: 2006
Corporate author: Institute of Social and Economic Research.
Publication details: Grahamstown, Institute of Social and Economic Research, 2006
Location: TM 1. F/10896.
Cholera | health work | Mental Health | Poverty | Treatment

Is low-esteem an inevitable consequence of stigma?: an example from women with chronic mental health problems.
Publication year: 2002
Author(s): Camp, D.L.; Finlay, W.M.L.; Lyons, E.
Publication details: Elsevier Science Ltd., 2002
Series: Social Science and Medicine 55 (2002)
Location: Pr 1. F/6784.
Mental Health | Mental Illness | Modified Labelling Theory | Self-esteem | Stigma | Women

Women, war peace: the independent experts assessment on the impact of armed conflict on women and women's role in peace-building
Publication year: 2002
Author(s): Rehn, E; Sirleaf, E J
Publication details: New York, UNIFEM,2002
Series: Progress of the World's Women 2002: vol.1
Location: GE. BS/8952.
Children | Conflict | Domestic Violence | Gender | Mental Health | peace building | peacekeeping | Rape | Refugees | Sexual Violence | Violence Against Women | Women

Mental health and HIV infection
Publication year: 2001
Corporate author: AIDS Care.
Publication details: London, Taylor Francis,2001
Location: AIDS Care 2/2001.
Infection | Mental Health

Mental health and HIV infection.
Publication year: 2001
Corporate author: AIDS Care.
Publication details: London, Taylor Francis,2001
Location: AIDS Care 2/2001.
Infection | Mental Health

AIDS and Stigma:A Conceptual Framework and Research Agenda.Final Report from a Research Workshop Sponsored by the National Institute of Mental Health.
Publication year: 1996
Corporate author: National Institute of Mental Health.
Publication details: California , National Institute For Mental Health,1996
Location: RE 1. RE 1 BS/10111.
Culture | employment aspects | Media | Mental Health | Religion | Research | Stigma | Workplace

Adolescent mental health and risky sexual behaviour
Author(s): Bennett, D; Bauman, A
Series: British Medical Journal
Location: Pr 1. F/5262.
Adolescents | Health Care | Mental Health | Sexual Behaviour