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HIV and sexual behaviour among young South Africans: a national survey of 15-24 year olds
Publication year: 2004
Corporate author: Health Systems Trust.
Publication details: South Africa , Health Systems Trust, 2004
Location: Pr1. BS/9155.
Adolescents | Communication | Condom use | contraception | funeral | Prevalence | Risk | sexual activity | Sexual Behaviour | Stigma

Preventing HIV/AIDS among adolescents through intergrated communication programming
Publication year: 2004
Author(s): Cohen, S et al.
Publication details: New York, UNFPA, 2004
Location: PR 2. BS/9549.
Adolescents | BCC | Communication | Ethics | planning and management | prevention and awareness | Reproductive Health | Strategic Planning

Raising children to be the best: a guide for parents
Publication year: 2004
Corporate author: Soul City Institute.
Publication details: Harare, Action, 2004
Series: Action for Life
Location: PS 1. BS/10939.
Children | Communication | Disability | Psychosocial Aspects | Sexual Health | STIs

Reaching out-of-school youth with reproductive health and HIV/AIDS information and services
Publication year: 2004
Author(s): Burns, A; Ruland, C D; Finger, W
Publication details: Arlington, Family Health International, 2004
Series: YouhtNet: Youth Issues Paper 4
Location: PL 1. BS/9558.
Adolescents | Communication | Education | planning and management | Strategic Planning

Regional BCC task force meeting
Publication year: 2004
Corporate author: USAID.
Publication details: [publisher unknown]
Location: PL 1. (F)PL 1.
behaiour change | Communication | Planning | prevention strategies

Sharing knowledge, improving rural livelihoods
Publication year: 2004
Author(s): Reynolds, S; Pickstock, M
Publication details: The Netherlands, Technical Centre for Agriculture (CTA), 2004
Location: PL 1. BS/.
Agriculture | Communication | cultural issues | Planning

The fight against AIDS twinning: an inter-association approach based on solidarity
Publication year: 2004
Corporate author: Reseau Afrique.
Publication details: Paris, AIDES, 2004
Location: PS 1. BS/9555.
Communication | Evaluation | planning and management | Psychosocial Aspects | strategic plannning

Tools for behaviour change communication for HIV/AIDS: an annotated bibliography
Publication year: 2004
Author(s): Lefevre, T; Nikiforova, N
Publication details: Arlington, Family Health International, 2004
Location: PL1. BS/9486.
Adolescents | BCC | Behaviour change | Communication | Ethics | Media | planning and management | research methods | Strategic Planning

UNAIDS at country level: progress report
Publication year: 2004
Corporate author: UNAIDS.
Publication details: Geneva, UNAIDS, 2004
Location: PL 1. BS/9911.
Capacity Building | Communication | Economic Aspects | Empowerment | Epidemiology | GovernancE | Information | mobilising | Mobilization | Monitoring and Evaluation | planning and management | responses | Statistics

We understand pain when we experience it, we understand death when we lose someone dear
Publication year: 2004
Corporate author: National TB Control Program.
Publication details: National TB Control Program, Kabul, 2004
Location: CL 1. BS/12179.
Advocacy | Challenges | Communication | Control | Cure | Diagnostic | Epidermiology | Implementation | Management | Mobilisation | Mortality | Prevalence | Prevention | Treatment | Tuberculosis

World Food Programme
Publication year: 2004
Corporate author: World Food Programme.
Publication details: Italy , World Food Programme, 2004
Location: B/ann. bs/10390.
Advocacy | Communication | natural disasters | Security

Advancing health communication: the PCs experience in the field
Publication year: 2003
Author(s): Piotrow, P et al.
Publication details: Maryland, John hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health , 2003
Location: ME. BS/10545.
Communication | Health | Media | Planning

Behaviour change interventions for sexual health promotion: a manual
Publication year: 2003
Author(s): Russel-Brown, P
Publication details: Port of Spain, CAREC, 2003
Location: PL 1. BS/9501.
BCC | behavioural change | Communication | Epidemiology | Ethics | Legal aspects | planning and management
Developing materials on HIV/AIDS/STIs for low-literate audiences
Publication year: 2003
Corporate author: SAfAIDS.
Publication details: Harare, SAfAIDS, 2003
Location: SAf News 1/2003.
Communication | Literacy | Planning | reference materials

Finding a voice
Publication year: 2003
Author(s): Loga, V (Ed.)
Publication details: Rose Hill , Media Watch Organisation, 2003
Location: ME 1. ME1 BS/9417.
Communication | Gender | Media | Networking

Gender and HIV/AIDS: a training manual for Southern Africa media and communicators
Publication year: 2003
Corporate author: Gender Links. AIDS Law Project.
Publication details: Johannesburg , AIDS Law Project, 2003
Location: ME. ME 1 BS/9000.
Communication | Media | prevention methods | Transmission | Women

HIV/AIDS, information and communication in Africa
Publication year: 2003
Author(s): Foreman, L
Publication details: [publisher unknown]
Location: ME 1. BS/10330.
Advocacy | Communication | Information | information communication technologies | Treatment

Missing the message 20 years of learning from HIV/AIDS
Publication year: 2003
Corporate author: PANOS Insitute.
Publication details: London, PANOS, 2003
Location: PR 1. BS/9828.
BCC | Behaviour change | Communication | Ethics | planning and management | Policy | prevention and awareness | Social Change

Review and assessment: HIV and AIDS behaviour change communication, Botswana,Namibia,Lesotho and Swaziland
Publication year: 2003
Corporate author: SADC.
Publication details: Gaborone, SADC, 2003
Location: PR 1. BS/10569.
Communication | Management | Planning | Prevention

Signs of hope - steps for change: the next steps for positive change in attitudes that cause HIV and AIDS-related stigma and discrimination
Publication year: 2003
Author(s): Morgan, B
Publication details: Geneva , Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance, 2003
Location: PR 1.
Advocacy | Communication | Discrimination | prevention methods | Stigma

Soul City fieldworker training: qualitative research for health and development communication (resource pack)
Publication year: 2003
Author(s): Shabalala, A; Scheepers, E; Goldstein,S
Publication details: Dunkeld, Soul City, 2003
Location: RM 1. BS/12098.
Communication | Counseling | Development | Education | Health | Nutrition | reasearch | Training

Sound of silence: difficulties in communicating on HIV/AIDS in schools - experiences from India and Kenya
Publication year: 2003
Corporate author: ActionAid.
Publication details: London, ActionAid, 2003
Location: Pr 2. BS/7974.
Behaviour | Communication | Condom use | Education | Family | gender issues | Mass media | Policy | Religion | risky

"Puntos de Encuentro": communication for development in Nicaragua
Publication year: 2002
Author(s): Abaunza, H
Corporate author: SAfAIDS.
Publication details: Harare, SAfAIDS,2002
Location: Sexual Health Exchange 2002/1.
Closing the digital divide in HIV/AIDS care: development of a theory-based intervention to increase Internet access.
Publication year: 2002
Author(s): Kalichman, S.C.; Weinhardt, L.; Benotsch, E.; Cherry, C.
Publication details: Taylor Francis ,2002
Series: AIDS Care; Vol. 14, No. 4 (2002)
Location: Ca 1. F/7204.
Care | Communication | Education | Information Technology | Internet | Interventions

Communication for development roundtable report: focus on HIV/AIDS communication and evaluation.
Publication year: 2002
Corporate author: United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).
Publication details: New York, UNFPA,2002
Location: Pr 2. BS/7265.
Adolescents | Advocacy | Behaviour change | Communication | Masculinity | Media | Positive Living | Sexuality | Social Change | VCT

Communication for social change: an integrated model for measuring the process and its outcomes.
Publication year: 2002
Author(s): Figueroa, M E; Kincaid, L D; Rani, M; et al
Publication details: New York, Rockerfella Foundation,2002
Series: Communication for Social change Working Paper Series; No. 1
Location: Pr 2. BS/6813.
Communication | Community Participation | Media | Outreach Programmes | programme planning | Social Change

Community media initiatives in Zambia problems and prospects: a monograph
Publication year: 2002
Author(s): Chirwa, C H; Kabiti, M; Chiluba, A C
Publication details: Lusaka, Panos,2002
Location: Me 1. BS/8816.
Communication | Mass media | Policy