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Stepping out: a discussion guide for the video series
Corporate author: Family Care International (FCI). Family Planning Association of Kenya (FPAK). Deutsche Stiftung WelTBevvolkerung.
Publication details: Nairobi, Family Care International,
Location: Pr 1. BS/5638.
adolescence | Communication | Media | Pregnancy | Sexual Behaviour | STIs

Stigma and communication
Author(s): Hatendi, F L S
Location: Me 1. F/6595.
Communication | Media | Social Change | Stigma | Training
What every adolescent has a right to know.
Corporate author: UNICEF.
Publication details: UNICEF,
Location: Pr 1. BS/7092 (DFID 2).
Adolescents | Communication | Information | Life Skills | Prevention

Working Towards an Information Society.
Corporate author: Department of Communications.
Publication details: Pretoria, Department of Communications,
Location: ME 1. CD/10012.
Communication | Information | information society