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Advocacy for older women and men
Publication year: 2015
Author(s): HelpAge International
Publication details: London,HelpAge International,2013
Advocacy | Care | HBC | HIV and AIDS policy | Impact of HIV/AIDS | Legal services | Mitigating and accelerating development | Older people | OVC | social protection | Support | Treatment

Consolidated Guidelines on HIV testing services
Publication year: 2015
Corporate author: WHO
Publication details: Canada, WHO Library cataloguing,2015
Adolescents | Care | Couples and partners | HIV negative | HIV Status | HIV Testing | HTS programming | Infants and children | Pregnant women | Vitro diagnostic | Vulnerable Populations

2014 progress report on the Global Plan
Publication year: 2014
Corporate author: UNFPA
Publication details: New York; UNFPA, 2014
Children | co-trimoxazole preventive therapy | Family Planning | Health Care | HIV | Mother-to-child transmission | mothers | Transmission

Annual epidemiological report Sexually transmitted infections, including HIV and blood-borne viruses
Publication year: 2014
Author(s): Albu, C. et al
Publication details: Stockholm: European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, 2015
blood-borne viruses | epidemiological | Hepatitis B | hepatitis C | HIV | risk assessment | sexual behavior | Sexual-transmission | STIs | Youth

Millennium Development Goals Gender Chart
Publication year: 2014
Corporate author: UNWOMEN
Publication details: New York; UNWOMEN, 2014
Development | empower women | Gender Equality | HIV/AIDS | Improve maternal health | Malaria | poverty and hunger | primary education | Reduce child mortality

Within Our Reach: Solutions to End Violence Against Women and Girls
Publication year: 2014
Corporate author: UNWOMEN
Publication details: New York; UNWOMEN, 2014
Children | Civil Society | Gender | Gender-Based Violence | Health-care | HIV/AIDS | Legal services | Women

Publication year: 2014
Corporate author: UN Department of economic and social affairs
Publication details: New York:UN, 2014
Education | umemployment | Youth | youth empowerment

Turning children’s rights into children’s realities
Publication year: 2013
Corporate author: Save the children
Publication details: London: Save the children, 2013
Children | children’s rights | Education | GovernancE | Health | open budgets | Rights | UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

Civil society and people‐centred development in Zimbabwe
Publication year: 2012
Corporate author: Central Statistical Office (CSO)
Publication details: Harare, CSO, 2012
Civil Soceity | Development | Networking

Discussion summary: Engaging young Zimbabweans in HIV prevention efforts
Publication year: 2012
Author(s): SAfAIDS
Publication details: Pretoria, SAfAIDS, 2012
HIV Prevention | Youth

HIV Prevalence Estimates from the Demographic and Health Surveys (Updated July 2012)
Publication year: 2012
Author(s): Nybro, Erica; Barrere, Bernard
Corporate author: ICF International
Publication details: Maryland, ICF International, 2012
Children | Couples | Education | Prevalence | wealth | Youth

HIV/AIDS Epi Updates: Chapter 13-HIV/AIDS in Canada Among People from Countries Where HIV is Endemic (April 2012)
Publication year: 2012
Corporate author: Public Health Agency of Canada
Publication details: Ottawa, Public Health Agency of Canada, 2012
Drug Trials | Epidemiology | Infection | Prevalence | Trends

How the African Union youth volunteers are making a difference
Publication year: 2012
Corporate author: African Union Commission
Documentation of Best Practices | Prevention | Youth

Male Involvement in the Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV
Publication year: 2012
Corporate author: World Health Organisation and Joint United Programme on HIV/AIDS
Publication details: Geneva:WHO;2012
HIV infections – transmission.Infectious disease transmission | Vertical – prevention and control. Men.