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Best practices in Egypt : creating a movement for change (behaviour change communication)
Publication year: 2006
Corporate author: USAID.
Publication details: ,2006
Location: SO BS/10527.
BCC | Behaviour Change Communication | Health | social issues

Between yesterday and tomorrow: writings by Namibian women
Publication year: 2005
Author(s): Elizabeth, I (Ed.)
Publication details: Windhoek, Women's Leadership Centre, 2005
Location: GE BS/10532.
cultural issues | Gender | social issues | Women

The Oscar van Leer award 2005
Publication year: 2005
Corporate author: The Bernard van Leer foundation
Publication details: Nertherlands, The Bernard van Leer foundation, 2005
Location: OR 1. BS/10371.
Care | Orphans | social issues | Vulnerable Children

HIV and self-stigma summary of stigma-AIDS e-forum discussion
Publication year: 2004
Corporate author: HDN.
Publication details: Chiang Mai, HDN, 2004
Publication in: Issue no.12
Location: PS 1. BS/10324.
Drug use | Gender | Religion | social issues | Stigma

Long-run economic costs of AIDS: theory and an application to South Africa
Publication year: 2003
Author(s): Bell, C; Devarajan, S; Gersbach, H
Publication details: Washington, World Bank, 2003
Location: Ec 1. BS/8924.
Economic Aspects | Health Policy | Households | Mortality | social issues
Insights and Foresights.
Publication year: 2001
Corporate author: UNICEF Ministry of Education Sports and Culture. Ministry of Higher Education and Technology.
Publication details: Harare, UNICEF,2001
Location: CSB. BS/10441.
cultural issues | Ethics | Gender | Legal aspects | social issues

A Cultural Approach to HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care: Zimbabwe's Experience.
Publication year: 1999
Corporate author: UNESCO.
Publication details: Zimbabwe, UNESCO,1999
Series: Studies and Reports, Special Series, issue no.2
Location: SO 1. F/10346.
Attitudes | gender issues | Health Services | occupation | Religion | social issues