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Positive outcomes: the chances of acquiring HIV/AIDS during the school-going years in the Eastern Cape, 1990-2000.
Author(s): Shell, Robert; Zeitlin, Rebecca.
Publication details: IIEP,
Location: Pr 2. F/7073 (DFID 1).
demography | Education | Prevalence

Responding to STI/HIV/AIDS: a case study of the Elpe Project.
Author(s): Laniyan, Christy.
Corporate author: Association for Reproductive and Family Health (ARFH).
Publication details: Nigeria, ARFH,
Location: Pr 2. BS/7080 (DFID 1)).
Adolescents | Children | curriculum development | Education | peer education | Reproductive Health | Sexuality | Training

School, home, work, and play: adolescent girls and young women in east and southern Africa
Corporate author: Population Council.
Publication details: New York, Population Council,
Location: Pr 1. BS/8821.
Adolescents | Economic Aspects | Education | Sexual Violence

Sex education in Zimbabwean schools: a case study of Houghton Park Primary School.
Author(s): Mapfumo, Phillimon.
Publication details: ,
Location: Pr 2. F/6871.
Education | gender issues | Psychosocial Aspects | Training

Si Mchezo!Magazine Educates and Entertains Rural Tanzanian Youth.
Corporate author: YouthNet.
Publication details: Arlington , YouthNet,
Location: PR 1. f/10270.
Behaviour change | Education | entertainment | Prevention | Youth

Social work training and deployment in selected Eastern and Southern African countries with regard to HIV/AIDS
Author(s): Hall, N; Moyo, D; Hara, F
Publication details: Harare, SAfAIDS
Location: So 1. BS/5604.
Education | Social Aspects | Social Workers

Southern African Development Community (SADC) code on HIV/AIDS and employment
Corporate author: AIDS Law Project.
Publication details: Johannesburg, AIDS Law Project,
Location: EM1. F/9344.
Awareness | Education | Employment | Policy | Prevention

The Frontline in the War Against HIV/AIDS in Botswana: Case Studies from the African Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Parterships(ACHAP).
Author(s): Watson, Patricia(ed).
Publication details: Gaborone, African Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Partnerships (ACHAP),
Location: EP 1. BS/10680.
Disclosure | Education | epidemics | Orpharns | Treatment

The health related behaviour questionnaire: guide for area co-ordinators
Author(s): Balding,John , Shelley,Carolyn.
Publication details: London , University of Exeter,s.d.
Series: Curriculum Planning in Secondary Schools
Location: PL 1. BS/9266.
curriculum | Education | Health Issues | Planning | questionnaire | Schools

The reported quality of condom use by young adult Zimbabwean males at higher learning centres in Harare
Author(s): Zvinavashe, G M; Rusakaniko, S
Series: Central African Journal Medicine
Location: Pr 2. F/5682.
Adolescents | Condom use | Education | peer education

Village projects "It takes a whole village..."
Corporate author: IMC on young people at risk Ministry department of welfare. 1999
Location: Pl 1. BS/5467.
Capacity Building | Care | Development | Economic Aspects | Education | Interventions | Networking | Orphans | Prevention | settlements

Why we must provide HIV treatment information
Corporate author: Treatment Action Campaign.
Publication details: Cape Town, Treatment Action Campaign, 2006
Adherence | Antiretroviral Therapy | ART | care and support | Drugs | Education | Information | people living with HIV | Treatment literacy

Widening the'window of hope' : using food aid to improve access to education for orphans and vulnerable children in Sub-Saharan Africa
Corporate author: World Food Programme.
Publication details: Rome , WFP,
Series: Occasional Papers No.15
Location: OR 1. OR 1 BS/9068.
Children | Education | Interventions | Orphans | Social Welfare | Vulnerability

Women and HIV/AIDS
Author(s): Women's Health and Development Resource Centre.
Corporate author: Women's Health and Development Resource Centre.
Publication details: India, CHETNA,
Location: Pr 1.
Education | Family | Infection | Media | NGOs | Policy | Risk Behaviour | Vulnerability | Women | Workplace

World Vision.
Corporate author: World Vision.
Publication details: Harare , World Vision,
Location: OG 1. F/10188.
brochure | Education | Goals | Health | Mission | Nutrition | Transport | Values | Vision

Young women's sexual risk taking behaviour: re-visiting the influences of sexual sex-efficacy and sexual self-esteem
Author(s): Minichiello, A S; Omodei, M
Corporate author: 1997
Location: Pr 1. Pr 1 F/6727.
Education | Sexual Behaviour | STDs | Women

Zimbabwean HIV/AIDS and Human Rights Charter.
Corporate author: Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights
Publication details: Harare , Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights,
Location: LE 1. BS/10256.
Care | Charter | confidentiality | Education | Freedom of Expression | Gender | Human Rights | privacy | Support | Treatment