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The impact of HIV/AIDS on children and young people: Reviewing research conducted and distilling implications for the education sector in Asia
Publication year: 2002
Author(s): Wijngaarden, J; Shaeffer, S
Corporate author: UNESCO
Publication details: UNESCO, 2002
Children | HIV/AIDS | Youth

The missing element: HIV/AIDS in urban development planning: reviewing the South African response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic
Publication year: 2002
Author(s): van Donk, M
Publication details: London, Development Planning Unit University College London, 2002
Health sector | HIV/AIDS | urban planning

The namibian economic policy research unit
Publication year: 2002
Author(s): Phororo, N
Publication details: Windhoek, The Namibian economic policy research unit, 2002
HIV/AIDS | Households

Impact of HIV/AIDS on poor urban livelihoods: Burundi context
Publication year: 2001
Author(s): Gitega
Publication details: Burundi, GITEGA, 2001
HIV/AIDS | Urban livelihoods

The girl child and HIV/AIDS
Publication year: 2001
Author(s): Bloom, F K; Schmalz, K; Howley, E; et al
Corporate author: UNICEF
Publication details: New York, UNICEF, 2001
girl child | HIV/AIDS | Human Rights

HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa
Publication year: 2000
Author(s): Jackson, H; Lee, T
Location: Ep 1.
economic and social drivers | HIV/AIDS | Policies | Prevalence | sub saharan Africa

Summary booklet of best practices summary booklet practices
Publication year: 2000
Author(s): UNAIDS
Publication details: Geneva, UNAIDS, 2000
Best Practices | HIV/AIDS

The burden of care-giving placed on older persons as a result of the HIV/AIDS scourge in selected areas of Kenya
Publication year: 2000
Author(s): Kenya Orphans Rural Development Programme
Publication details: Kenya Orphans Rural Development Programme, 2000
Elder carers | HIV/AIDS | OVC

Peer education and HIV/AIDS: concepts, uses and challenges
Publication year: 1999
Corporate author: UNAIDS.
Publication details: Geneva, UNAIDS
concepts | HIV/AIDS | peer education | uses

AIDS toolkits: HIV/AIDS and welfare
Corporate author: Abt Associates, University of Natal.
Location: Pl 1.
HIV/AIDS | Home Based Care | social protection | Welfare

At the Crossroads: Linking Strategic Framework to Address Gender-Based Violence and HIV/AIDS in Southern Africa.
Author(s): Combrinck, H; Wakefield, L
Corporate author: Community Law Centre, University of the Western Cape.
Publication details: Western Cape, Community Law Centre, 2007
Access to HIV Prevention | Gender Based Violence | HIV/AIDS | Impact of HIV/AIDS | Role of SADC | SADC Strategic Framework on HIV and AIDS | Violence Against Women
Awareness and Vulnerability to HIV/AIDS among Young Girls
Author(s): Badariah Mohd Saada, Geetha Subramaniama, Peck-Leong Tan
Publication details: London,University of Westminster,2013
Awareness | HIV/AIDS | Vulnerability | Young girls