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Leading by example - protecting the most vulnerable during the economic crisis: the global campaign for the health development goals 2009.
Publication year: 2009
Author(s): Godal, T; Kin, K; Rudd, K
Corporate author: Office of the Prime Minister of Norway, The Global Campaign for the Health Millennium Goals.
Publication details: Norway, The Office of the Prime Minister of Norway, 2009
Economic Crisis | G8 Summit 2009 | Health and Social Protection | Maternal Health | MDGs | Millenium Development Goals | MNCH | Newborn and Child Health | Promoting Global Health

HIV and AIDS civil society and UNGASS 2006
Publication year: 2006
Corporate author: World AIDS Campaign.
Publication details: Geneva, World AIDS Campaign, 2006
Series: Keep the Promise: Start Making Sense
Location: PL 1. F/11437.
Civil Society | MDG | Millenium Development Goals | UNGASS | Universal Access

Millennium development goals and sexual and reproductive health
Publication year: 2006
Corporate author: Family Care International.
Publication details: New York, Family Care International, 2006
Location: EC 1. BS/10730.
Economic Aspects | Education | Gender | Health | MDGs | Millenium Development Goals | Poverty

Voices of change: strategic radio support for achieving the millenium development goals
Publication year: 2006
Author(s): Skuse, A.
Corporate author: DFID.
Publication details: London, DFID, 2006
Advocacy | Gender Equality | information and communication | MDG | Media | Millenium Development Goals | radio

Lessons from the disability knowledge and research programme
Publication year: 2005
Corporate author: KaR.
Publication details: East Anglia, 2005
Development | Disability | Education | Millenium Development Goals | Poverty | Research

The millennium development goals report 2005
Publication year: 2005
Author(s): United Nations
Publication details: New York, UN, 2005
Location: EC 1. EC 1BS/10025.
child mortality | Development | Education | environmental sustainability | Gender Equality | Malaria | Maternal Health | Millenium Development Goals | Poverty | Women

World AIDS Campaign 2005 and beyond: overview and background note
Publication year: 2005
Corporate author: UNAIDS.
Publication details: Geneva, UNAIDS, 2005
Series: Stop AIDS. Keep the promise
Location: PR 2. F/11293.
campaign | MDGs | Millenium Development Goals | UNGASS

Health and well being among indigenous peoples
Publication year: 2003
Author(s): Bristow, F
Publication details: [publisher unknown]
Location: EP. BS/10236.
health and well being | indegenous practitioners | Millenium Development Goals | traditional solutions | western approaches

Human development report 2004: millennium development goals: a compact among nations to end human poverty
Publication year: 2003
Corporate author: UNDP.
Publication details: New York, Oxford University Press, 2003
Location: Ep 1. BS/9398.
Development | Education | Environment | Health | MDC | MDG | millenium development compact | Millenium Development Goals | Policy | Poverty | poverty traps | Sanitation | Statistics | Technology | water