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HIV/AIDS and development in the education sector.
Publication year: 1999
Author(s): Badcock-Walters, Peter; Whiteside, Alan.
Publication details: ,1999
Location: Pr 2. F/7107 (DFID 6).
Education | Epidemiology | impact assessment | labour
HIV/AIDS epidemics in sub-regions of sub-Saharan Africa: regional programme on AIDS
Publication year: 1999
Corporate author: WHO/AFRO.
Publication details: Geneva, WHO
Location: Ep 1. F/5167.
economic impact | Epidemiology | impact assessment | Infection | Interventions | Mortality | Prevalence | PWAs | TB
Impact of HIV/AIDS: a case study of SAfAIDS.
Publication year: 1999
Author(s): Nhara, Fungayi.
Publication details: Harare, SAfAIDS,1999
Location: SAf News 4/1999.
economic impact | Epidemiology | impact assessment | Interventions | Mortality

Progress of nations
Publication year: 1999
Corporate author: UNICEF.
Publication details: New York, UNICEF,1999
Location: CSF 6375.
Adolescents | Children | impact assessment | Infection | Orphans | Prevalence | PWAs | TB | Women

Zimbabwe AIDS Prevention and Support Organisation (ZAPSO) HIV/AIDS Awareness Training Report.
Publication year: 1999
Corporate author: VSO.
Publication details: Harare, VSO,1999
Location: Pr 2. BS/9121.
Condom use | impact assessment | STDs | Training | VCT

Gender, HIV/AIDS transmission and impacts: a review of issues and evidence.
Publication year: 1998
Author(s): Baden, Sally; Wach, Heike.
Publication details: Brighton, Institute of Development Studies,1998
Location: Ge 1. BS/8150.
impact assessment | Prevalence | Sex Distribution | socio-economic aspects | Transmission
Women, poverty and AIDS: sex, drugs and structural violence.
Publication year: 1997
Author(s): Kerkhoven, Russell.
Publication details: Harare, SAfAIDS,1997
Location: SAf News 4/1997.
impact assessment | Poverty | Transmission | Women
"Hope for our future": sharing the challenge of HIV and AIDS.
Publication year: 1996
Publication details: Harare, New Start Trust Zimbabwe (NEST,1996
Location: B/Con.
Epidemiology | impact assessment | Interventions | Prevalence

AIDS in Kenya: socioeconomic impact and policy implications.
Publication year: 1996
Author(s): Aoko, Monica; Clark, Hunter; Forsythe, Steven; Kiiti, Ndunge; Okeyo, Tom Mboya; Nalo, David; Plummer, Frank; Roberts, Matthew; Baltazar, Godfrey; Dortzbach, Debbie; Hancock, John; Kusimba, Judith; Mutemi, Roselyn; Ndirangu, Wairimu; Rachier, A.D.O.; Saoke, Paul; Wang'ombe, Joseph; Blair, Caroline; Fish, David; Johnson, Alan; Leighton, Charlotte; Nagelkerke, Nico; Odido, Helen; Rau, Bill; Stover, John.
Corporate author: Family Health International (FHI).
Publication details: USA, FHI,1996
Location: Ec 1. BS/7232.
Business | child mortality | Epidemiology | impact assessment | infant mortality | Legal aspects | macroeconomic impact | Mortality | Orphans | Policy | Population | Prevalence | Religion | Sentinel Survellance | TB | Women | Workplace
AIDS in the world II: global dimensions, social roots and responses.
Publication year: 1996
Corporate author: SAfAIDS.
Publication details: Harare, SAfAIDS,1996
Location: SAf News 4/1996.
Epidemiology | Human Rights | impact assessment | Prevention | Treatment
Annotated bibliography of HIV/AIDS research in Zambia.
Publication year: 1996
Corporate author: SAfAIDS.
Publication details: Harare, SAfAIDS,1996
Location: SAf News 2/1996.
Biomedical Research | Epidemiology | impact assessment | Socio-behavioural Studies
Country focus: Lesotho.
Publication year: 1996
Corporate author: SAfAIDS.
Publication details: Harare, SAfAIDS,1996
Location: SAf News 3/1996.
impact assessment | Infection | Interventions | Prevalence | STIs
Socio-economic impact of HIV/AIDS in Zambia.
Publication year: 1996
Author(s): Webb, Douglas.
Publication details: Harare, SAfAIDS,1996
Location: SAf News 4/1996.
Agriculture | economic impact | Education | Health sector | impact assessment | socio-economic impact
Cost of and burden of AIDS on the Zambian health care system: policies to mitigate the impact on health services.
Publication year: 1995
Author(s): Foster, Susan.
Publication details: Harare, SAfAIDS,1995
Location: SAf News 1/1995.
Care | Health Delivery Services | Home Based Care | impact assessment
Impact of HIV/AIDS on Kenya's commercial sector.
Publication year: 1995
Author(s): Forsythe, Steven; Roberts, Matthew.
Publication details: Harare, SAfAIDS,1995
Location: SAf News 2/1995.
economic impact | impact assessment | Prevention
Economic and social impact of AIDS in Europe.
Publication year: 1994
Author(s): Fitzsimons, David; Hardy, Vanessa; Tolley, Keith (eds.).
Corporate author: National AIDS Trust.
Publication details: England, National AIDS Trust,1994
Location: Ec 1. F/7352.
Care | Discrimination | Employment | Epidemiology | Health Care | Human Rights | impact assessment | Interventions | Legal aspects | Policy | Prevention | Risk Behaviour | socioeconomic impact | Treatment | Voluntary Services | Workplace
Simple methods for monitoring the socio-economic impact of AIDS in rural communities.
Publication year: 1993
Author(s): Barnett, Tony.
Corporate author: Overseas Development Group, University of East Anglia.
Publication details: Norwich, ODA,1993
Location: B/Con 7351.
Agriculture | Coping | impact assessment | socioeconomic impact

Implications of HIV/AIDS for strategic market planning.
Author(s): Naidu, Veni.
Publication details: Unpublished,
Location: Pl 1. F/8009.
impact assessment | Marketing | Strategic Planning

Men and HIV in Lesotho
Corporate author: SAFAIDS, PANOS, UNAIDS, CARE. 2002
Location: Pr 1. BS/5607.
Behaviour change | Condom use | impact assessment | Prevalence | Risky Behaviour | Sexual Behaviour | Traditional Healers | Transmission

Mitigating the impact of HIV/AIDS on education systems in Southern Africa.
Author(s): Coombe, Carol.
Publication details: Windhoek, Ministry of Education,
Location: Pr 2. F/7075 (DFID 1).
Education | impact assessment

Sustainable development and the HIV epidemic
Author(s): Cohen, D
Publication details: New York, HDP, UNDP,n.d.
Location: Ec 1. F/6246.
Demographic Impact | economic impact | Human Resources | impact assessment | sustainable development

The HIV Response in Political Conflict: Lessons Learnt from Cote d’Ivoire 2002 - 2010
Corporate author: International HIV and AIDS Alliance
Publication details: East Sussex, International HIV and AIDS Alliance, 2014
impact assessment | Planning | Political Conflicts | Prevention | Response

The Long-Term Impact of the MEMA kwa Vijana Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health Intervention: Effect of Dose and Time since Intervention Exposure
Author(s): Doyle, Aoife M. [et al.]
Publication details: Mema kwa Vijana, 2008
Publication in: PLOS One; September 2011 | Volume 6 | Issue 9 | e24866
Adolescents | impact assessment | Pregnancy | Sexual and reproductive health | Sexual Behaviour | Young people