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Children first: a journal on issues affecting children and their carers
Publication year: 2004
Corporate author: Children First.
Publication details: Durban, Children First, 2004
Location: CSB. 9767.
Adoption | Children | fatherhood | GBV | men | race
Global apartheid: The Nation
Publication year: 2001
Author(s): Booker, S; Minter, W
Location: Et 1. F/6081.
apartheid | Discrimination | pharmaceuticals | race

Race, ethnicity, and sexual health: can sexual health programmes be directed without stereotyping?
Publication year: 1997
Corporate author: BMJ.
Publication details: London, BMJ,1997
Location: Pr 2. F/8708.
Ethnicity | Public Health | race | Sexual Health

Blaming others: prejudice, race and worldwide AIDS.
Publication year: 1988
Author(s): Sabatier, Renee.
Publication details: Philadelphia, New Society Publishers,1988
Location: Ep 1. BS/7244.
aetiology | Condom use | Genetic Engineering | Prostitution | race | Religion | Vulnerability

Caring for people with human immunodeficiency virus infection
Author(s): Steinbrook, R
Series: New England Journal of Medicine
Location: Ca 1. F/5304.
Cost | Health Care | race | Treatment