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Improving Antiretroviral Therapy Scale-Up and Effectiveness Through Service Integration and Decentralization
Publication year: 2014
Author(s): Amitabh B. Suthar [et al.]
Publication details: USA, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2014
Publication in: AIDS 2014, 28 (Suppl 2):S175–S185
Antiretroviral Therapy | Coverage | Decentralization | HIV | Maternal Neonatal and Child Health | Methadone Maintenance Treatment | Mortality | Opiate Substitution Therapy | Retention | Systematic Review | Tuberculosis

National Tuberculosis Management Guidelines 2014
Publication year: 2014
Corporate author: Department of Health (South Africa)
Publication details: Pretoria, NDH, 2014
Adherence | clinical aspects | Drug Resistance TB | Management of TB Medicines | Monitoring and Evaluation | Planning | Pregnancy | Response | TB | Transmission | Tuberculosis

Research and development of new drugs against tuberculosis (Chapter 16)
Publication year: 2013
Author(s): Guzman, Juan D.;Montes-Rincón, Ximena; Ribón, Wellman
Publication details: London, Creative Commons, 2013
Research | TB Drugs | Treatment | Tuberculosis

Systematic screening for active tuberculosis: principles and recommendations
Publication year: 2013
Corporate author: World Health Organisation (WHO)
Publication details: Geneva, WHO, 2013
Epidemiology | Monitoring and Evaluation | TB Screenng | Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis in South Africa's Gold Mines: A United Call to Action
Publication year: 2013
Author(s): Fitzpatrick, Saoirse; Jakens, Felix; Kuehne, Jess [et al.]
Corporate author: RESULTS UK, ARASA
Publication details: London, RESULTS, 2013
Action Planning | Civil Society Interventions | economic impact | impact assessment | mining | Policy | Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis, HIV, and type 2 diabetes mellitus: a neglected priority
Publication year: 2013
Author(s): Tolu Oni, Kari Stoever
Publication details: The Lancet Respiratory Medicine,2013
Series: Volume 1, Issue 5
HIV | Tuberculosis | Type 2 diabetes

Characteristics of adults and children diagnosed with tuberculosis in Lilongwe, Malawi: findings from an integrated HIV/TB clinic
Publication year: 2012
Author(s): Feldacker, C. [et al.]
Publication details: London, Blackwell Publishing, 2012
Publication in: Tropical Medicine and International Health, Volume 17, No. 9; 2012 pp. 1108–1116
ART | clinical aspects | Smear-Positive PTB | Tuberculosis

A systematic assessment of the concept and practice of public-private mix for tuberculosis care and control
Publication year: 2011
Author(s): Malmborg, Rasmus; Mann, Gillian; Squire, Bertel S
Publication details: s.l., Biomed Central, 2011
Publication in: International Journal for Equity in Health 2011, pp.10:49
Access | Case Detection | Cost | Equity | Public-Private Mix | Treatment Outcome | Tuberculosis

Integrating stigma reduction into HIV programming: lessons from the Africa regional stigma training programme
Publication year: 2011
Corporate author: International HIV/AIDS Alliance
Publication details: United Kingdom, Alliance Publications, 2011
Children | Community Leaders | Policy | Stigma | Training | Treatment | Tuberculosis | Workplace

The Emerging Threat of Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis in Southern Africa: Global and Local Challenges and Solutions
Publication year: 2011
Corporate author: The National Academy of Sciences
Publication details: Washngton, The National Academy of Sciences, 2011
Children | Drug-Resistant TB | Infection | Policy | Surveillance | Transmission | Treatment | Tuberculosis

Antiretroviral treatment changes in adults from cote d'lvoire: the roles of tuberculosis and pregnacy.
Publication year: 2010
Author(s): Messou, E; Anglaret, X; Duvignac, J
Publication details: France, Wolters Kluwer Health, 2010
Location: TM 1. F/12268.
Antiretroviral | Funds | Pregnancy | Statistics | Treatment | Tuberculosis

HIV: know the score: an interactive HIV prevention world cup 2010 booklet.
Publication year: 2010
Corporate author: SAfAIDS.
Publication details: Pretoria, SAfAIDS, 2010
Alcohol | Co-infection | Drugs | Infection | Male Circumcision | MCPs | PMTCT | Prevention | Protection | Testing | Transmission | Tuberculosis

Kids for real: for all kids and teens who want to make a difference!
Publication year: 2010
Corporate author: SAfAIDS.
Publication details: Harare, SAfAIDS, 2010
Series: Issue 1, 2010
Orphans | Protection | Rights | Stigma | Support | Treatment | Tuberculosis | Violence

Rapid advice: treatment of tuberculosis in children
Publication year: 2010
Corporate author: World Health Organisation (WHO)
Publication details: Geneva, WHO, 2010
Children | HIV infections | Monitoring and Evaluation | Planning | Treatment | Tuberculosis

Recurrent TB: relapse or reinfection? the effect of HIV in a general population cohort in Malawi.
Publication year: 2010
Author(s): Crampin, A C, Mwaungulu, N; Mwaungul,D
Publication details: London, Wolters Kluwer Health, 2010
Location: CL 1. F/12265.
Cohort | Control | Culture | Mortality | Population | Reinfection | Statistics | Tuberculosis

The Global Fund annual report.
Publication year: 2010
Author(s): Kazatchkine, D M
Corporate author: Global Fund
Publication details: Geneva, Global Fund, 2010
Location: EP 1. BS/12140.
Economics | Gender | Growth | Health | Prevention | Strategy | Support | Treatment | Tuberculosis

The Global Plan to Stop TB 2011-2015
Publication year: 2010
Corporate author: World Health Organisation (WHO)
Publication details: Geneva, World Health Organisation, 2010
DOTS | Drug-Resistant TB | Funding | HIV/AIDS | Implementation | Indicators and Targets | Planning | Prevention | research and development | TB | Tuberculosis

Treatment of tuberculosis guidelines
Publication year: 2010
Corporate author: World Health Organisation
Publication details: Geneva, WHO, 2010
HIV Status | Management | MDR-TB | Monitoring | Treatment | Tuberculosis

Will we end the HIV epidemic?: the impact of HIV treatment on HIV prevention and implications for the 2010 replenishment of the Global Fund to fight AIDS, TB and malaria.
Publication year: 2010
Corporate author: International AIDS Society.
Publication details: New York, International AIDS Society, 2010
Location: EP 1. BS12212.
Access | Antiretroviral Therapy | Epidermic | Prevention | Testing | Transmission | Treatment | Tuberculosis

Airborne: a journey into the challenges and solutions to stopping mdr-tb and xdr-tb.
Publication year: 2009
Author(s): Donnelly, J
Corporate author: World Health Organisation.
Publication details: Geneva, WHO, 2009
Epidemiology | MRD-TB | TB | Tuberculosis | XDR-TB

Endangering lives: tuberculosis and mutation.
Publication year: 2009
Corporate author: World Health Organisation (WHO), Stop TB Partnership.
Publication details: Cairo, WHO, 2009
Endandering Lives | Mutation | TB | TB and Mutation | TB Pictures | Tuberculosis

Handbook for district hospitals in resource constrained settings on quality assurance of chest radiography: for better tb control and health system strengthening
Publication year: 2009
Author(s): Enarson, D A, Chen-Yuan, C; van Cleeff, M
Corporate author: USAID
Publication details: Canada, USAID, 2009
Density | Equipment | Exposure time | Focal Size | Management | Procedure | Radiography | Tuberculosis | X-Ray

Living with hiv, dying of TB: a critique of the response of global aids donors to the co-epidermic.
Publication year: 2009
Author(s): Reed, L
Corporate author: Advocacy to Control Tuberculosis Internationally (ACTION)
Publication details: France, ACTION, 2009
Control | Epidermic | Evaluation | Monitoring | Opportunity | PLWHIV | Policies | Prevention | Risk | Tuberculosis