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Evaluating community based orphan care in Zimbabwe
Author(s): Lee, T
Location: Or 1. (F) SAF/5078.
community care | Orphans

Experiences: media training in HIV/AIDS
Author(s): Stally, A
Location: Pr 1. (F) SAF 5145.
journalists | Media | Training

Family, youth and AIDS: a neglected area of prevention
Author(s): Olson, D T; Wilkins, G R
Publication details: USA, The World Family Policy Center,
Location: Pr 1. F/6105.
Adolescents | contraception | Prevention | Sexual Behaviour | Transmission

Gender,sex and HIV: how to address issues that no-one wants to hear about
Author(s): Welbourn, Alice.
Publication details: ,
Location: GE 1. GE 1 BS/9112.
Gender | IEC | Prevention Startegies | Reproductive Heatlh

HIV impact assessment tool
Corporate author: Regional Bureau for Asia and the Pacific HIV and Development Programme. Asia-Pacific HIV Impact Research team
economic impact | program design

Impact evaluation of the youth campaign on reproductive health in Zimbabwe, 1997-1998
Author(s): Young, M K; Marangwanda, C; Nyakauru, R
Location: Pl 1. (F) Pl 1 5045.
Planning | Reproductive Health | Youth

Impacts of HIV/AIDS on poverty and income inequality in Botswana
Corporate author: Botswana Institute for Development Policy Analysis.
economic impact | income generation | Poverty

Kenya AIDS NGOs Consortium(KANCO): policy case study
Author(s): Ragi,Allan.
Publication details: ,
Location: OG 1. (F)OG 1 9043.
Advocacy | KANCO | Organisations | Planning

Leadership role and approaches for an effective HIV/AIDS response
Corporate author: Economic Development Forum for Africa
Location: B/Con 5529.
Interventions | PWAs | Response | Volunteership

Men, sex and HIV
Author(s): Foreman, M
Location: Tr 1. (F) Tr 1 5153.
men | sexual hehaviour | Transmission

Networking of journalists on HIV/AIDS - a regional perspective
Author(s): Stally, A
Location: Pr 1. (F) SAF 5133.
Media | Networking | Prevention

One night stands and condom use among adolescents in Maputo, Mozambique
Author(s): Karlyn, S A; Mussa, F
Publication details: Mozambique, PSI,
Location: CSF. CSF/6157.
Adolescents | Condom use | economic impact | Heterosexuality | Prevention | Sexual Behaviour | Transmission

Positive outcomes: the chances of acquiring HIV/AIDS during the school-going years in the Eastern Cape, 1990-2000.
Author(s): Shell, Robert; Zeitlin, Rebecca.
Publication details: IIEP,
Location: Pr 2. F/7073 (DFID 1).
demography | Education | Prevalence

Stigma and communication
Author(s): Hatendi, F L S
Location: Me 1. F/6595.
Communication | Media | Social Change | Stigma | Training