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Interrogating culture, women's rights and HIV/AIDS in Namibia and Mozambique: a report synopsis
Publication year: 2009
Corporate author: SAfAIDS.
Publication details: Pretoria, SAfAIDS, 2009
Series: Changing the River's Flow Series
Culture | Culture and HIV/AIDSWomen's Rights and HIV/AIDS | Interrogating Culture | Interrogating Women's Rights | Women's Rights
Inter-linkages between culture, gender based violence, hiv/aids and women's rights: training manual.
Publication year: 2008
Author(s): SAfAIDS.
Corporate author: SAFAIDS, Oxfam.
Publication details: Harare, SAfAIDS, 2008
Series: Changing the River's Flow Series
Culture | Gender Based Violence | HIV/AIDS | Women's Rights

What gender equality advocates should know about taxation
Publication year: 2006
Corporate author: AWID.
Publication details: Toronto, AWID, 2006
Location: GE 1. GE 1BS/10376.
Development | fiscal policy | Gender | tax reforms | Women Empowerment | Women's Rights

How does change happen? The 10th AWID international forum on women's rights and development, October 27-30, 2005
Publication year: 2005
Corporate author: Association for Women's Rights in Development
Publication details: Bangkok, AWID, 2005
Location: GE 1. GE 1BS/10031.
Development | Women's Rights

Open space: reclaiming the women's rights agenda
Publication year: 2005
Author(s): Maboreke, M et al.
Corporate author: OSISA.
Publication details: Johannesburg, OSISA, 2005
Series: Vol 1 issue 1 April 2005
Location: GE 1. BS/11665.
gender development Index | Gender Equality | gender mainstreaming | Policy | women empowerment law | Women's Rights

Where is the money for women's Rights? Assessing resources and the role of donors in the promotion of women's rights and the support of women's rights organisations
Publication year: 2005
Author(s): Clark, C; Sprenger, E; VeneKlasen, L
Corporate author: Association for Women's Rights in Development
Publication details: AWID, 2005
Location: EC 1. EC 1BS/10028.
Development | Donors | Money | Research | Resources | Women's Rights

Women and AIDS: our commitments for the future
Publication year: 1995
Author(s): Misihairabwi, Priscilla; McCharen, Nancy; Ray, Sunanda.
Publication details: Harare, WASN,1995
Location: Pr 1. BS/8899.
Adolescents | gender issues | Home Based Care | peer education | PWAs | Response | Women's Rights