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Knowledge, attitudes and practices of traditional birth attendants in Lejweleputsoa Health District, Free State.
Publication year: 2001
Author(s): Baez, Carmen; Manzana, Mavis; Moleme, Moleme.
Publication details: South Africa, Health Systems Trust,2001
Location: Em 1. F/7138.
Birth | Breastfeeding | Child Health | Family Planning | Pregnancy | socio-economic aspects | STDs

Sex Ratio at Birth and Racial Differences: Why do Black Women Give Birth to More Females than Non-Black Women?
Author(s): Kaba, A J
Publication details: South Africa, Afr. Journ. of Reproductive Health, 2008
Publication in: African Journal of Reproductive Health Vol. 12 No.3 December 2008
Birth | Racial Differences | Reproductive Health | Sex Ratio | Women