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HIV in Mozambique.
Publication year: 1995
Corporate author: SAfAIDS.
Publication details: Harare, SAfAIDS,1995
Location: SAf News 2/1995.
Infection | Prevalence | Prevention | STDs | Transmission
HIV seroprevalence in Africa.
Publication year: 1995
Corporate author: SAfAIDS.
Publication details: Harare, SAfAIDS,1995
Location: SAf News 4/1995.
Epidemiology | Infection | seroprevalence | Transmission

Impact of HIV/AIDS on planning issues in Kwazulu-Natal.
Publication year: 1995
Author(s): Whiteside, A.; Wilkins, N.; Mason, B.; Wood, G.
Publication details: Pietermaritzburg, Town and Regional Planning Commission,1995
Location: Ep 1. EP1 BS/6821.
demography | economic impact | Epidemiology | Infection | socio-economic aspects | Transmission

Migration and AIDS
Publication year: 1995
Author(s): Decosas, J; Kane, F; Anarfi, J K
Series: Lancet
Location: Tr 1. F/5788.
men | Migration | Population | Transmission | Women

Vaginal use of herbs/substances: an HIV transmission facilitatory factor?
Publication year: 1995
Author(s): Runganga, A O ; Kasule, J
Publication details: Oxfordshire, Carfax,1995
Location: AIDS Care 5/1995.
Transmission | vaginal herbs

AIDS questions and answers: second draft.
Publication year: 1994
Corporate author: Ministry of Health and Child Welfare (MOHCW).
Publication details: Harare, MOHCW,1994
Location: Ep 1. BS/6929.
Care | Comdon Use | Infection | PWAs | STDs | Transmission | Vertical Transmission
Condom use and risk factors for HIV/ infection among female commercial sex workers in Thailand
Publication year: 1994
Corporate author: American Journal of Public Health.
Publication details: USA, American Journal of Public Health,1994
Location: TR1. F/9209.
Condom use | Sex Workers | Transmission

Epidemiology of HIV-1 infection in Mwanza region, Tanzania
Publication year: 1994
Author(s): Borgdorff, M
Publication details: Netherlands, Royal Tropical Institute,1994
Location: Ep 1. BS/5975.
Condom use | Epidemiology | Infection | Interventions | Mortality | Sexual Behaviour | TB | Transmission

Guatemala city women: empowering a vulnerable group to prevent HIV transmission
Publication year: 1994
Author(s): Bezmalinovic,Beatrice, Duflon,Wende Skidmore, Hirschmann,Annelise.
Publication details: Washington,DC , ICRW,1994
Location: PR 2. (F)PR 2.
prevention methods | Transmission | Vulnerability | Women

Short communication: high risk sexual behaviour and alcohol consumption among bar-going gay men
Publication year: 1994
Author(s): Perry, J M; Solomon, J L; Winett, A R
Series: AIDS 1994
Location: Tr 1. F/5787.
Homosexuality | men | Sexual Behaviour | Transmission

Female low income workers and AIDS in Jamaica
Publication year: 1993
Author(s): Wyatt,Gall Elizabeth. Tucker,Belinda M. Eldemire,Denise. Bain,Brendan.
Publication details: Washington,D.C.International Center for Research on Women,1993
Location: EM 1. (F)EM 1.
Transmission | Women | workers

Prostitution and risk of HIV: male partners of female prostitutes
Publication year: 1993
Author(s): Day, S; Ward, H; Perrotta, L
Publication details: ondon, Academic Department of Public Health, St Mary's Hospital,1993
Series: BMJ
Location: Tr 1. F/5784.
Care | men | Sex Workers | Sexual Behaviour | Transmission | Women

Women and the risk of AIDS in Papua New Guinea
Publication year: 1993
Author(s): Jenkins,Carol.
Corporate author: The National Sex and Reproduction Research Team.
Publication details: Washington,D.C. , International Center for Research on Women,1993
Location: TR 1. (F) TR 1.
Risk Behaviour | Transmission | Women
Health sector priorities review: HIV infection and sexually transmitted diseases.
Publication year: 1991
Author(s): Over, Mead; Piot, Peter.
Publication details: Washington, World Bank,1991
Location: Tr 1. BS/7254.
Epidemiology | Infection | Interventions | Prevalence | Prevention | seroprevalence | socioeconomic aspects | STDs | Transmission

Migrants: HIV testing and counselling - a manual for IOM counsellors.
Publication year: 1990
Author(s): Panza, Alessio.
Corporate author: International Organisation for Migration (IOM).
Publication details: Geneva, IOM,1990
Location: Cu 1. BS/7253.
clinical aspects | Counselling | Diagnosis | Discrimination | Infection | Migration | Prevention | Screening | Testing | Transmission | Treatment

AIDS and the press: an analysis of the coverage of AIDS by Zimbabwe newspapers
Publication year: 1989
Author(s): Pritts, M, Jackson, H.
Publication details: S.L., S.N,1989
Location: ME1. F/9242.
Care | Counselling | Media | Press | Prevention | Risk | Transmission

A guide for survivors of rape and sexual assault
Corporate author: Department of Health
Publication details: South Africa, Department of Health, 2009
Counselling | Effects of Pills | Health | Pills | Police Duties | Prevention | Rape | Testing | Transmission

AIDS in Africa: the socio-cultural roots of a disease
Author(s): Serpa, E
Publication details: Africa Insight,
Location: So 1. F/8842.
Religion | socio-cultural aspects | Transmission

AIDS in our community.
Corporate author: Soul City.
Publication details: Johaneesburg, Soul City,
Series: Soul City:HearTBeat if the nation
Location: TR 1 BS/.
Care | Prevention | STIs | Support | Symptoms | Transmission

AIDS toolkits: HIV/AIDS and agriculture
Corporate author: Abt Associates, University of Natal.
Location: Pl 1.
Agriculture | AIDS | HIV | social drivers | Transmission

AIDS toolkits: HIV/AIDS and health
Corporate author: Abt Associates, University of Natal.
Location: Pl 1.
Counselling | Health | protective clothing | Transmission

AIDS toolkits: HIV/AIDS and housing and public works
Corporate author: Abt Associates, University of Natal.
Location: Pl 1.
AIDS | HIV | housing and public works | Programming | Transmission

Alcohol use and high risk sexual behavior among adolescents and young adults in Harare,Zimbabwe
Author(s): Mataure,Priscilla. McFarland,Willi. Fritz,Katherine. Kim,Andrea. Woelk,Godfrey. Ray,Sunanda. Rutherford,George.
Publication details: ,
Location: TR 1. (F) TR 1.
Adolescents | Alcohol | Risk Behaviour | Transmission

Approach to the direct and indirect cost of AIDS in Greece.
Author(s): Papaevangelou, G et al.
Publication details: a; thens School of Public Health, Greece,
Location: Ec 1. F/6436.
AZT | demography | Drugs | Economic Aspects | Transmission | Treatment

Bridging the gap between knowledge and practice to change HIV risk taking behaviour
Author(s): Colclough, Andrew.
Publication details: Windhoek, Ministry of Health and Social Services,n.d.
Location: Pr 2. F/8932.
Behaviour change | Condom use | Risk Behaviour | Sexual Behaviour | Transmission