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Can mothers pass HIV/AIDS to their babies through breastfeeding
Corporate author: Ministry of Health Child Welfare.
Publication details: ,
Location: TR 1. (F)TR 1 9071.
Breastfeeding | Transmission

Consent and antenatal HIV testing: the limits of choice and issues of consent in HIV and AIDS
Author(s): Sherr, L; Bergenstrom, A; Hudson, C N
Location: Te 1. F/5282.
Ethics | Legal aspects | mandatory testing | Pregnancy | Testing | Transmission

Deciding to stay HIV negative.
Corporate author: Humana People to People.
Publication details: Shamva, Humana People to People,
Location: CA1. BS/9273.
Care | Coping | Prevention | Transmission

Economic evaluation of HIV prenatal screening in France: results of a cost-benefit analysis
Author(s): Le Gales, C; Seror, V; Courpotin, C
Publication details: Parispaediatrics Department, Hospital Trousseau,
Location: Ec 1. F/6441.
Cost-effectiveness | Data Collection | Economic Aspects | Pregnancy | research methodology | Transmission

Effect of zidovudine on perinatal HIV-1 transmission and maternal viral load
Author(s): Golden,Barbara. Cooper,Edward. Cundall,David. Moy,Robert.
Series: Lancet
Maternal | Perinatal | Transmission | Zidovudine

Equality or bust: aluta continua
Corporate author: AIDS Law Project.
Series: AIDS Law Project Policy Review and Update
Location: Le 1. BS/Le 1 5010.
Employment | Legislation | Transmission

Expanded response to the HIV/AIDS pandemic
Corporate author: Family Health International (FHI).
Publication details: Virginia/USA, FHI,
Location: Pl 1. BS/6010.
Behaviour change | Capacity Building | Care | Community Participation | Drug use | gender issues | Interventions | Networking | Risk Behaviour | STIs | Transmission | Vertical Transmission | Vulnerability

Exposure to HIV-1 during delivery and mother-to-child transmission
Author(s): Gaillard, P et al.
Series: AIDS
Location: Tr 1. (F) Tr 1 5508.
Mitigation | Prevetion | Transmission | Vertical Transmission
Facts and myths about HIV/AIDS: a practical guide to prevention health and life
Author(s): Mutaryebwa, F
Corporate author: Global Strategies.
Publication details: Uganda, Classic Artworks,
Location: Pr 1. F/6355.
Awareness | Care | Condom use | Infection | Prevention | PWAs | Sexual Behaviour | Testing | Transmission

Family, youth and AIDS: a neglected area of prevention
Author(s): Olson, D T; Wilkins, G R
Publication details: USA, The World Family Policy Center,
Location: Pr 1. F/6105.
Adolescents | contraception | Prevention | Sexual Behaviour | Transmission

Global HIV/AIDS epidemic.
Author(s): Satcher, D
Location: Ep 1. F/8748.
Epidemiology | Infection | Prevalence | PWAs | Transmission

HIV/AIDS and Sex:Practical Advice.
Corporate author: Make We Talk.
Publication details: Abuja, Make We Talk,
Location: PR 1. PR 1 F/10090.
Advice | Care | Condoms | Sex | Testing | Transmission | Youth

HIV/AIDS epidemic in Blantyre, 10th February 2004
Author(s): KUMWENDA, Newton, SEYAMA, Linly, ZULU, Fatima.
Publication details: Blantyre, John Hopkins University College of Medicine Project,
Location: EP 1. BS/9695.
Care | Children | Economic Aspect | Epidemic | Epidemiology | Incidence | MTCT | Orphans | Prevalence | Socio-Behavioural Context | Statistics | STDs | Stigma and Discrimination | STIs | Support | Transmission | Vulnerability

HIV/AIDS in African prisons
Location: Tr 1. BS/Tr 1 5048.
Prisons | Testing | Transmission

How to breastfeed
Corporate author: Ministry of Health Child Welfare. City of Harare. UNICEF. Zvitambo.
Publication details: ,
Location: TR 1. (F) TR 1 9070.
Care | Child Welfare | Transmission

Impact of HIV/AIDS in Lithuania.
Author(s): Chaplinskas, S
Publication details: Vilnius, Lithuanian AIDS Centre,
Location: Pr 2. F/6446.
Assessment | Cost | Drug Abuse | Prevention | Prisoners | Sex Workers | STDs | Testing | Transmission

Keeping the education system healthy: managing the impact of HIV/AIDS on education in South Africa.
Author(s): Coombe, Carol.
Corporate author: Current Issues in Comparative Education (CICE).
Publication details: Columbia, CICE,
Series: Volume 3, Number 1 (December 1, 2000)
Location: Pr 2. F/7074 (DFID 1).
Education | Prevention | Transmission

Know about HIV/AIDS
Corporate author: Central Board of Health.
Publication details: Lusaka, Central Board of Health,
Location: PR 2. (F) PR 2/9169.
Counselling | prevention methods | Testing | Transmission

Links between premarital sexual behaviour and extramarital intercourse: a multi-site analysis
Author(s): White, R; Cleland, J; Carael, M
Series: AIDS
Location: Tr 1. (F) Tr 1 5517.
Adolescents | risk factors | Sexual Behaviour | Transmission