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Male circumcision and risk of HIV infection in sub-Saharan Africa: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Author(s): Weiss, H A; Quigley, M A; Hayes, R J
Series: AIDS
Location: Tr 1. (F) Tr 1 5506.
Circumcision | Prevention | Transmission

Men and HIV in Lesotho
Corporate author: SAFAIDS, PANOS, UNAIDS, CARE. 2002
Location: Pr 1. BS/5607.
Behaviour change | Condom use | impact assessment | Prevalence | Risky Behaviour | Sexual Behaviour | Traditional Healers | Transmission

Men, sex and HIV
Author(s): Foreman, M
Location: Tr 1. (F) Tr 1 5153.
men | sexual hehaviour | Transmission

Myths and misconceptions about sex and sexuality among youth
Corporate author: Lesotho Planned Parenthood Association.
Publication details: Maseru, LPPA,
Location: PR 1. PR F/9127.
Adolescents | Prevention | Sexuality | Transmission

One night stands and condom use among adolescents in Maputo, Mozambique
Author(s): Karlyn, S A; Mussa, F
Publication details: Mozambique, PSI,
Location: CSF. CSF/6157.
Adolescents | Condom use | economic impact | Heterosexuality | Prevention | Sexual Behaviour | Transmission

Origin of HIV
Corporate author: Gao, Feng [et al.].
Location: Ep 1. F/8796.
aetiology | origin | Transmission

Origins of AIDS and HIV and the first cases of AIDS
Author(s): Kanabus, A; Allen, S
Publication details: West Sussex, AVERT,n.d.
Location: Ep 1. F/8673.
aetiology | Transmission

Pastor as an HIV/AIDS advocate: let's talk about AIDS
Author(s): Annan, E K
Publication details: Accra, GTZ/RAPA,
Location: Re 1. BS/5841.
Advocacy | Care | Infection | Interventions | NGOs | Prevention | Region | Transmission

Pelvic inflammatory disease in HIV-positive women
Author(s): Sweet, R L ; Landers, D V
Location: Cl 1. F/8729.
clinical aspects | PWAs | Transmission

Personal perspective on HIV-AIDS research
Author(s): Gallo, R C
Location: Et 1. F/8752.
aetiology | scientific research | Transmission

PMCT Training Curriculum.
Corporate author: HORIZONS.
Publication details: Washington DC, HORIZONS,
Location: CL 1. CD/9983.
curriculum | PMCT | Training | Transmission

Projecting individual healthcare costs of HIV/AIDS patients in Catalonia
Author(s): Rovira, J; Leidl, R
Publication details: Spain and Netherlands, University of Barcelonaand University of Limburg,
Location: Ec 1. F/6438.
Economic Aspects | Epidemiology | Health Care | Transmission

Public awareness of AIDS: discrimination and the effects of mistrust
Author(s): Marquet, J; Hubert, M
Publication details: BelgiumFaculties Universities,
Location: Le 1. F/6418.
Discrimination | Transmission

Rays of hope: booklet on introduction to AIDS/HIV
Corporate author: Ipca (Partnering Healthcare Globally.
Publication details: Ipca, India,
Location: Cl 1. F/6239.
Epidemiology | Immunity | Infection | Opportunistic Infections | Prevention | Transmission | Treatment

Rethinking the African AIDS epidemic
Author(s): Caldwell, J
Series: Population and Development Review
Awareness | Economic Aspects | Policy | Prevention | psychological aspects | Transmission | Treatment

Services for Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission(PMTCT).
Corporate author: YouthNet.
Publication details: Arlington , YouthNet,
Location: PR 1. f/10267.
contraceptive | PMTCT | Prevention | Transmission | Youth
Sexual coercion in intimate relations: a risk for HIV/AIDS
Author(s): Abrahams, N; Jewkes, R; Laubscher, R
Publication details: ,
Location: Ps 1. F/5476.
Risky Behaviour | Sexual Abuse | Sexual Behaviour | Transmission

State of the HIV pandemic
Author(s): Essex, M
Location: Ep 1. F/8750.
Epidemiology | Prevalence | Prevention | Transmission
Summary of selected sessions
Author(s): de Bruyn, M
Location: B/CON 5066.
Counselling | Transmission | treating

Vulnerability on the streets:female sex workers and HIV risk
Author(s): Pyett, P M; Warr, D J
Series: AIDS Care
Location: Tr 1. F/5265.
Female Sex Workers | Income | Prevention | Sexual Behaviour | Transmission | Violence | Youth

What does a PMTCT program mean
Publication details: ,
Location: PR 2. (F)PR 2.
Anti-retrovirals | prevention methods | Testing | Transmission