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Male Circumcision is an Efficacious, Lasting and Cost-Effective Strategy for Combating hiv in High-Prevalence Countries.
Corporate author: SAfAIDS.
Publication details: Harare, SAfAIDS, 2008
Publication in: SAFAIDS News, Vol. 14, Issue, (2008), pp. 1-3
Series: SAfAIDS News 3/2008. Vol 14
ABC versus SAVE | Criminalisation | Drug resistant TB | HIV is a Virus | Male Circumcision | MCPs | not a crime

PrEP Implementation: Moving from Trials to Policy and Practice
Author(s): Caceres, Carlos F. [et al.]
Corporate author: WHO
Publication details: Geneva, IAS, 2015
Publication in: Journal of the International AIDS Society 2015, 18(Suppl 3):20222
HIV; PrEP; Key Populations; Scale-Up; Implementation Science

Risk of Death Among Those Awaiting Treatment for HIV Infection in Zimbabwe: Adolescents are at Particular Risk
Author(s): Shroufi, Amir [et al.]
Publication details: Harare, Jnal of the Int. AIDS Society, 2015
Publication in: Journal of the International AIDS Society 2015, 18:19247
Adolescents | ART | PLWHA | Treatment

Sexual Practices, HIV and Sexually Transmitted Infections Among Self-Identified Men who Have Sex with Men in Four High HIV Prevalence States of India.
Author(s): Brahmam, G N V, Kodavalla, V; Rajkumar, H
Publication details: USA, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2008
Publication in: AIDS 2008, 22(suppl 5): S45–S57
MSM | Prevalence | sexual practices | sexually transmitted infections

The Long-Term Impact of the MEMA kwa Vijana Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health Intervention: Effect of Dose and Time since Intervention Exposure
Author(s): Doyle, Aoife M. [et al.]
Publication details: Mema kwa Vijana, 2008
Publication in: PLOS One; September 2011 | Volume 6 | Issue 9 | e24866
Adolescents | impact assessment | Pregnancy | Sexual and reproductive health | Sexual Behaviour | Young people