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Effective Early Childhood Programmes.
Publication year: 2009
Author(s): Woodhead, M; Oates, J
Publication details: New York, The Open University, 2009
Series: Early Childhood in Focus 4
Child Rights | Development | Economic Factors | Education | Equity | GovernancE | Support

Social change and HIV in the former USSR: the making of a new epidemic
Publication year: 2000
Author(s): Atlani,L et al
Series: Social Science Medicine
Location: EP 1. EP 1 (F) 5284.
Economic Factors | Epidemiology | Prevention | Social Factors | Transmission

Preventing HIV transmission along the trans-Africa highway in Kenya: using persuasive message theory in formative education
Publication year: 1999
Author(s): Cameron, K et al.
Series: International Quarterly of Community Health Education
Location: TR 1. TR 1 (F) 5286.
Economic Factors | Prevention | Sex Workers | Transmission