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Acting hope: African churches and HIV and AIDS 2.
Publication year: 2010
Author(s): Chitando, E
Publication details: Geneva, ouncil of Churches, 2010
Location: RE 1. BS/12246.
Adoption | Beliefs | Churches | Culture | Disability | Epidermic | Political | Practice | Support | Testing | Tradition | Treatment | Virginity

Mainstreaming gender, children's rights, HIV/AIDS and disability: in the response to children's vulnerability.
Publication year: 2010
Corporate author: Tusanani
Publication details: Harare, Tusanani Cover Trust, 2010
Location: MN 1. BS/12203.
Abuse | Care | Children | Control | Culture | Disability | Gender | Mainstreaming | Protection | Rights | Violence

Prenatal screening for HIV
Publication year: 2010
Author(s): Chou, R
Corporate author: Oregon Health and Science University
Publication details: Portland, Oregon Health and Science University, 2010
Location: TR 1. F/12118.
Disability | Infection | PMTCT | Prophylaxis | Screening | Transmission

Disability Rights, Gender and Development: A Resource Tool for Action
Publication year: 2008
Author(s): de Silva de Alwis, Rangita
Corporate author: UNFPA, Wellesley Centers for Women (WCM)
Publication details: New York, UNFPA, 2008
Children | Civil Society | Disability | gender issues | Human Rights | Law | Women

HIV and disability: looking across the great divide.
Publication year: 2007
Author(s): Harris, M
Publication details: Sydney, National Centre in HIV Social Research, 2007
Series: The Consortium for Social and Policy Research on HIV,Hepatitis C and Related Diseases:Workshop 17
Location: ET 1. F/11972.
Chronic Illness | Client Needs | Disability | Divide | Funding | Identity | Personal Tragedy | Policy | Sex Workers

Tomorrow is ours.
Publication year: 2007
Author(s): Soul City Institute.
Publication details: Harare, Action, 2007
Series: Action for Life
Location: PS 1. BS/10938.
Abuse | Children | Disability | Psychosocial Aspects | Rights | Sexual Health

Are your rights respected
Publication year: 2006
Corporate author: The Gay and Lesbians ArcHIVes of South Africa (GALA).
Publication details: Gauteng, GALA, 2006
Location: LE 1. BS/10432.
deaf | Disability | Sexual and reproductive health | Sexual Violence | STIs

Disability: the facts about living with spinal cord injuries
Publication year: 2006
Author(s): Charowa, G
Publication details: Harare, Disabled Women Support Organisation, 2006
Location: CL 1. BS/10904.
Disability | people with disabilities | PWDs

The African campaign on disability and HIV AIDS
Publication year: 2006
Corporate author: African Decade.
Publication details: Cape Town, African Decade, 2006
Location: ET 1. F/10814.
Advocacy | campaign | Capacity Building | Disability | Policy

Lessons from the disability knowledge and research programme
Publication year: 2005
Corporate author: KaR.
Publication details: East Anglia, 2005
Development | Disability | Education | Millenium Development Goals | Poverty | Research

You Don`t Belong Here:Fear, Blame and Shame around HIV AIDS.
Publication year: 2005
Corporate author: VSO RAISA
Publication details: Pretoria , Voluntary Service Overseas,2005
Location: SO 1. BS/10245.
Children and Stigma | Culture | Disability | Discrimination | Gender | Personal Testimony | Religion | Sex Workers | Stigma | VCT | workplace policies

Disability and HIV/AIDS
Publication year: 2004
Corporate author: World Bank.
Publication details: Washington DC, World Bank, 2004
Location: PS 1. F/10838.
Advocacy | Disability | Gender | Prevention | Psychosocial Aspects

Disability and HIV/AIDS
Publication year: 2004
Corporate author: World Bank.
Publication details: Washington DC, World Bank, 2004
Location: PS 1. F/10860.
Advocacy | Disability | Gender | Prevention | Psychosocial Aspects

Disabled persons are more vulnerable to HIV
Publication year: 2004
Author(s): de Vries, C
Publication details: Amsterdam, Dutch Coalitionon Disability and Development, 2004
Location: TR 1. F/10842.
Disability | Prevention | Transmission | Vulnerability

HIV/AIDS disability: capturing hidden voices
Publication year: 2004
Author(s): Groce, N
Corporate author: The World Bank.
Publication details: [publisher unknown]
Location: PS 1. F/11703.
Disability | disability risk factors | Methodology

Maternal health care among adolescents: pregnant adolescents need appropriate services to prevent death and disability
Publication year: 2004
Author(s): Reynolds, H; Wright, K
Publication details: Arlington, YouthNet, 2004
Publication in: YouthLens on Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS. no.11
Series: YouthLens on Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS
Location: PR1. F/9455.
Adolescents | Care | Disability | Gender | Maternal Health | obsteric Care | Pregnancy | Women | Youth

Raising children to be the best: a guide for parents
Publication year: 2004
Corporate author: Soul City Institute.
Publication details: Harare, Action, 2004
Series: Action for Life
Location: PS 1. BS/10939.
Children | Communication | Disability | Psychosocial Aspects | Sexual Health | STIs

Disability, rehabilitation and HIV
Publication year: 2003
Author(s): Vanneste, G
Publication details: Tanzania, CCBRT, 2003
Location: Pr 1. F/8862.
Disability | PWD | rehabilitation | socioeconomic impact

HIV and disability policy: evaluating the disability tax credit and medical expense tax credit
Publication year: 2003
Author(s): Chapman, A
Corporate author: The Canadian AIDS Society.
Publication details: Ottawa, The Canadian AIDS Society, 2003
Location: LE 1. F/11702.
Disability | disability policy | HIV/AIDS disability | therapeutic cannabis

Making HIV/AIDS our problem: young people and the development challenge in South Africa
Author(s): Kelly, Kevin; Ntlabati, Pumla; Oyosi, Salome; van der Riet, Mary; Parker, Warren.
Publication details: South Africa, Save the Children,
Location: Pr 1. BS/8874.
Adolescents | Children | Disability | Response | Sexual Behaviour | Vulnerability

Reduce:An Advocacy Model for Reducing Maternal Mortality,Morbidity,and Disability.
Corporate author: Academy for Educational Development.
Publication details: Washington DC , USAID,
Location: PR 1. F/10198.
Disability | Maternal Mortality | Morbidity