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A Guide To The Clinical Care Of Women With HIV.
Publication year: 2001
Corporate author: US Department of Health and Human Services.
Publication details: Washington DC, US Department of Health And Human Services.,2001
Location: CA 1. CD 9725.
Adoloscents | Care | clinical aspects | Epidemiology | Gender Aspects | planning and management | Prevention | Psychosocial Aspects | Transmission | Women

AIDS Quest:The HIV/AIDS Survey Library.
Publication year: 2001
Corporate author: HORIZONS.
Publication details: HORIZONS,2001
Location: RM 1. CD/10001.
Horizons | library | Research | Survey

Canadian Aboriginal AIDS network Inc. : reports 1997-2000
Publication year: 2000
Corporate author: Canadian AIDS Network 2000.
Publication details: Ottawa, Canadian AIDS Network 2000,2000
Location: PL CD 9727.
Monitoring and Evaluation | planning and management | Programmes | Reports

HIV/AIDS Surveillance Data Base.
Publication year: 1999
Corporate author: US Census Bureau.
Publication details: Washington DC, US Census Bureau,1999
Location: EP 1. CD/10008.
database | Decision making | Surveillance

Reproductive Health Online:A service of JHPIEGO, an affiliate of Johns Hopkins University.
Publication year: 1999
Corporate author: JHPIEGO.
Publication details: JHPIEGO,1999
Location: CL 1. CD/9987.
Health | online | Reproduction

HIV/AIDS Surveillance Data Base.
Publication year: 1998
Corporate author: US Census Bureau.
Publication details: Washington DC, US Census Bureau,1998
Location: EP 1. CD/10009.
database | Decision making | Surveillance

Publication year: 1998
Corporate author: SILVER PLATTER International.
Publication details: US, US National Library of Medicine,1998
Location: EP 1. CD/10003.
Information | library | Medicine

A Collective Response to HIV/AIDS.
Corporate author: NETWORKS.
Publication details: New Delhi, NETWORKS,
Location: PL 1. CD/10007.
Advocacy | Care | collective action | Living Positively | Response

A Workplace Guide For Managers and Labour Leaders:HIV/AIDS Policies and Programs.
Corporate author: SMARTWORK.
Publication details: Washington D.C, SMARTWORK,
Location: EM 1. CD/10002.
labour leaders | managers | Policies | Programs | Workplace

Auntie Stella:Teenagers talk about sex,life and relationships.
Corporate author: Training and Research Support Centre(TARSC).
Publication details: Harare, TARSC,
Location: CSB 1. CD/9981.
forced sex | Gender | Life | relationshipsadolescence | Sex | teenagers | unwanted pregnancies

Business Unusual:Gender and Economic Reporting.
Corporate author: Gender Links.
Publication details: ,
Location: GE 1. CD/10292.
Economic Aspects | Gender | Media | Reporting

Employers' Organisations and HIV/AIDS.
Corporate author: International Labour Office.
Publication details: Geneva, International Labour Office,
Location: EM 1. CD/10689.
Employment | Impact | Legal aspects | Policy

HIV/AIDS and Livehoods:Experiences in Mainstreaming from Malawi.
Corporate author: Oxfam International.
Publication details: London, Oxfam,
Location: MN 1. CD/9977.
Communities | Development | Mainstreaming | presenters | trainers | video

HIV/AIDS APDIME programming toolkit.
Corporate author: Synergy Project.
Publication details: Washington DC, Synergy Project,n.d.
Location: CD/7982.
Assessment | Evaluation | Monitoring | Planning

HIV/AIDS Surveillance Data Base:Helping you Make Informed Decisions.
Corporate author: US Census Bureau.
Publication details: Washington DC, US Census Bureau,
Location: EP 1. CD/9985.
database | Decision making | Surveillance

How to live Positively: A practical Manual for facilitating community action in HIV/AIDS-affected areas.
Author(s): Sam L J Page, Fortunate Nyakanda.
Publication details: CABI Bioscience,
Location: TM 1. CD/10000.
affected areas | bioscience | community action | Living Positively | manual

Investing in Our Future:The Global Fund To Fight AIDS,Tuberculosis and Malaria.
Corporate author: The Global Fund.
Publication details: ,
Location: EC 1. CD/9988.
Global Fund | investing | Malaria | Tuberculosis

Islam and AIDS:The youth Imam Hamden Ould Tah.
Corporate author: LFW-AIDS.
Publication details: LFW-AIDS,
Location: RE 1. CD/9982.
Islam | qestions | Youth

Measure Evaluation :A Collection of Publications and Resources for the Monitoring and Evaluation of Poulation, Health and Nutrition Programs.
Corporate author: MEASURE Evaluation.
Publication details: North Carolina , MEASURE Evaluation,
Location: PL1. CD/10561.
Evaluation | Health | Monitoring | Nutrition | Planning

Moving Beyond Awareness:Tools for Behaviour Change.
Corporate author: U.S Health Resources and Services Administration.
Publication details: Zimbabwe , HRSA,
Location: PR 2. CD/10293.
Couples | faith based | healthcare | Workplace | Youth

PMCT training curriculum.
Corporate author: Population Council.
Publication details: Washington DC, Population Council,n.d.
Location: CD/7983.
PMCT | Training

PMCT Training Curriculum.
Corporate author: HORIZONS.
Publication details: Washington DC, HORIZONS,
Location: CL 1. CD/9983.
curriculum | PMCT | Training | Transmission

Response:The Experience of the Brazilian STD/AIDS Programme.
Publication details: ,
Location: PR 1. CD/9992.

SAT Resource Kit on Vaginal Microbicides:a collection of information from experts.
Corporate author: SIDA.
Publication details: Sweden , SIDA,
Location: Va. CD/10227.
Microbicides | resource kit | vagina

Techniques and Practices for Local Responses to HIV/AIDS.
Corporate author: UNAIDS.
Publication details: UNAIDS,
Location: EP 1. CD/10017.
local community | responses | Teachers | techniques