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Situation analysis of orphans in Zambia 1999 (draft): volume 5 - summary report.
Publication year: 1999
Corporate author: Government of Zambia.
Publication details: Lusaka, Government of Zambia,1999
Location: Or 1. BS/7403.
Care | Children | demography | Interventions | Nutrition | Orphans | Religion | socioeconomic aspects | Vulnerability

Sustainable agricultural/rural development and vulnerability to the AIDS epidemic
Publication year: 1999
Corporate author: FAO, UNAIDS.
Publication details: Geneva, FAO
Location: Ec 1 BS/5351.
Agricultural Production | Agriculture | economic impact | Epidemiology | Food Security | Prevention | Vulnerability

AIDS and the military: UNAIDS point of view
Publication year: 1998
Corporate author: UNAIDS.
Publication details: Geneva, UNAIDS
Location: Pr 1. F/5430.
military | Prevention | Risk Behaviour | Testing | Transmission | Vulnerability
City of Harare Consultation Forum on Urban Poverty Reduction and Governance, May 98.
Publication year: 1998
Corporate author: City of Harare.
Publication details: Harare, City of Harare,1998
Location: Et 1. F/8008.
Children | GovernancE | Povery Reduction | Strategic Planning | Vulnerability

Community mobilization to address the impacts of AIDS: a review of the Cope II Program in Malawi, January 17-30, 1998.
Publication year: 1998
Author(s): Donahue, Jill; Williamson, John.
Publication details: Washington, DCOFWVF,1998
Location: Pl 1. BS/6810.
Advocacy | Care | Children | Economic Aspects | Orphans | Prevention | Village AIDS Committes | Vulnerability
HIV/AIDS and the young: three studies in Southern Africa.
Publication year: 1998
Author(s): Mutangadura, Gladys; Jackson, Helen.
Publication details: Harare, SAfAIDS,1998
Location: SAf News 4/1998.
Children | economic impact | Orphans | Planning | Poverty | Vulnerability
Young people: force for change.
Publication year: 1998
Corporate author: UNAIDS.
Publication details: Harare, SAfAIDS,1998
Location: SAf News 4/1998.
Adolescents | Child Rights | PWAs | Sexual Abuse | Vulnerability

An evaluation of HIV prevention interventions utilizing traditional women's associations
Publication year: 1997
Author(s): Niang,Cheikh. Benga,Helen. Camara,Abibou Diagne. Ndiaye,Adjaratou.
Publication details: Washington D.C. , International Center for Research on Women,1997
Location: PR 1. (F) Pr 1 9031.
Evaluation | prevention methods | Vulnerability | Women's Asssociations

HIV/AIDS as a cross-sectoral issue for technical cooperation: focus on agriculture and rural development
Publication year: 1997
Author(s): Hemrich, G; Schneider, B
Publication details: Germany, Deutsche Gesellschaft,1997
Location: Ec 1. BS/5720.
Agriculture | Epidemiology | Programmes | Vulnerability
Should condoms be available in prisons?
Publication year: 1997
Author(s): Jackson, Helen.
Publication details: Harare, SAfAIDS,1997
Location: SAf News 3/1997.
Homosexuality | Prisons | Transmission | Vulnerability
Women, violence and HIV/AIDS in Zimbabwe.
Publication year: 1997
Author(s): Watts, C.; Ndlovu, M.; Njovana, E.; Keogh, E.
Publication details: Harare, SAfAIDS,1997
Location: SAf News 2/1997.
Sexual Abuse | Sexual Harassment | Violence | Vulnerability | Women
Commercial Farmers Union: AIDS Control Project Conference: Tuesday, 8th October, 1996.
Publication year: 1996
Corporate author: Commercial Farmers' Union (CFU).
Publication details: Harare, CFU,1996
Location: B/Con.
Agriculture | Epidemiology | Vulnerability

Crossing borders: migration, ethnicity and AIDS.
Publication year: 1996
Author(s): Haour-Knipe, Marya, Rector, Richard (eds.).
Publication details: London, Taylor and Francis ,1996
Location: Tr 1. BS/7233.
Care | Culture | Human Rights | Migration | Prevention Programmes | Programme Evaluation | Sex Workers | Stigma | Vulnerability
Foster care for orphaned children on commercial farms in Zimbabwe.
Publication year: 1996
Author(s): Parry, Sue.
Publication details: Harare, SAfAIDS,1996
Location: SAf News 4/1996.
Agriculture | Care | Orphans | Vulnerability

Facing the challenges of HIV AIDS STDs: a gender-based response
Publication year: 1995
Corporate author: KIT, SAfAIDS, WHO.
Publication details: Amsterdam, KIT,1995
Location: GE 1. BS/9597.
Awareness | Epidemiology | Gender | Rights | STDs | Vulnerability | Women

Guatemala city women: empowering a vulnerable group to prevent HIV transmission
Publication year: 1994
Author(s): Bezmalinovic,Beatrice, Duflon,Wende Skidmore, Hirschmann,Annelise.
Publication details: Washington,DC , ICRW,1994
Location: PR 2. (F)PR 2.
prevention methods | Transmission | Vulnerability | Women

Against the odds: the story of AIDS drug development, politics and profits.
Publication year: 1992
Author(s): Arno, peter S.; Feiden, Karyn L.
Publication details: New York, HarperCollins,1992
Location: Ep 1. BS/7235.
AZT | Clinical Trials | Drugs | Epidemiology | patents | Policy | Prevention | Testing | Vulnerability

Blaming others: prejudice, race and worldwide AIDS.
Publication year: 1988
Author(s): Sabatier, Renee.
Publication details: Philadelphia, New Society Publishers,1988
Location: Ep 1. BS/7244.
aetiology | Condom use | Genetic Engineering | Prostitution | race | Religion | Vulnerability

Awareness and Vulnerability to HIV/AIDS among Young Girls
Author(s): Badariah Mohd Saada, Geetha Subramaniama, Peck-Leong Tan
Publication details: London,University of Westminster,2013
Awareness | HIV/AIDS | Vulnerability | Young girls

Children in primary school: the window of hope or the window of concern?
Author(s): Kelly, M.J.
Corporate author: Current Issues in Comparative Education (CICE) 2000
Location: CSF 7091 (DFID 2).
Children | Culture | Education | Infection | Sexuality | Vulnerability

Children with HIV: a crisis matures.
Corporate author: UNAIDS.
Publication details: Geneva, UNAIDS,n.d.
Location: CSF 7937.
Children | Drugs | Infection | PWAs | Vertical Transmission | Vulnerability

Corporate author: CIMAS.
Publication details: Harare, CIMAS,n.d.
Location: Pr 1. BS/6914.
Condom use | Epidemiology | men | Sexual Behaviour | STDs | Vulnerability | Women

Expanded response to the HIV/AIDS pandemic
Corporate author: Family Health International (FHI).
Publication details: Virginia/USA, FHI,
Location: Pl 1. BS/6010.
Behaviour change | Capacity Building | Care | Community Participation | Drug use | gender issues | Interventions | Networking | Risk Behaviour | STIs | Transmission | Vertical Transmission | Vulnerability