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People who move: developing HIV/AIDS prevention programmes in multicultural settings
Author(s): Haour-Knipe, M
Publication details: Switzerland, Institute University Lausanne,
Location: Pr 2. F/6420.
Culture | Prevention | Programmes | Stigma

Positive Prevention by and for People Living with HIV
Corporate author: The LIVING2008 Partnership
Publication details: Amsterdam, GNP+, 2008
Series: LIVING 2008 partnership Discussion paper (July 2008)
antiretroviral therapy (ART) | Care | Clinical and Biomedial Interventions | Community and Social Interventions | Counselling | Discrimination | PLWHA | policy and advocacy | Positive Prevention | Stigma

Precursive depression among HIV infected AIDS caregivers over time
Author(s): Wight, R G
Series: Social Science Medicine
Location: Ca 1. (F) Ca 1 5499.
Care | depression | Homosexuality | Stigma | Stress

Processes of stigmatization and their impact on the employment of people with HIV
Author(s): Green, G
Publication details: Scotland, Medical Research Council,
Location: Em 1. F/6421.
Discrimination | Employment | Psychosocial Aspects | Stigma

Sexuality and Life Skills: Participatory Activities on Sexual and Reproductive Health with Young People
Corporate author: International HIV and AIDS Alliance.
Publication details: Brighton, International HIV and AIDS Alliance, 2008
Abuse | Discrimination | Drug use | Marriage | Puberty | Rape | Sexual and reproductive health | Sexuality | Skills | Stigma | STIs | Young people

Stigma and communication
Author(s): Hatendi, F L S
Location: Me 1. F/6595.
Communication | Media | Social Change | Stigma | Training

Stigma and HIV/AIDS in Africa: review of issues and responses
Publication details: Nadine France , HDN,s.d.
Location: PS 1. PS 1 BS.
Discrimination | Health Care | PLWHA | Stigma

Stigma, denial, shame and discrimination: HIV in Africa
Corporate author: HDNET. 2001
Location: Le 1. F/6603.
Care | Discrimination | Media | Programmes | Stigma

Stigma,HIV/AIDS and prevention of mother-to-child transmission: a pilot study in Zambia,India,Ukraine and Burkina Faso
Author(s): Chase,Elaine. Aggleton,Peter.
Publication details: Southern Africa ; The Panos Institute,
Location: PS. PS 1.
Discrimination | prevention methods | Stigma | Vertical Transmission | Workplace

Strengthening Community Responses to HIV and AIDS in South Africa.
Corporate author: Oxfarm.
Publication details: Fitzroy Victoria,
Location: SO 1. BS/10230.
Capacity | community responses | Gender | peer education | Stigma | Vulnerability

TB/HIV: Two Diseases, One Patient.
Corporate author: International Community of Women Living with HIV/AIDS
Publication details: Kampala, International Community of Women Living with HIV and AIDS
Location: CL 1. F/11304.
Co- infection | Discrimination | Prevention | Stigma | TB | Treatment

Teenagers and AIDS: AIDS is for real.
Corporate author: CIMAS.
Publication details: Harare, CIMAS,n.d.
Location: Pr 1. BS/6928.
Condom use | Counselling | Epidemiology | Prevention | Psychosocial Aspects | Signs | STDs | Stigma | Tramission | Treatment

The Chronic Poverty Report 2004-05.
Corporate author: Chronic Poverty Research Centre
Publication details: Manchester, Chronic Poverty Research Centre,
Location: PR 1. PR1/BS10075.
chronic poverty | Chronically poor | Gender discrimination | Poor Infrastructure | Stigma | women and girls | Women Headed Household

Truth about AIDS pass it on: global campaign against HIV/AIDS-related stigma and discrimination
Publication details: Switzerland, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies,
Location: Le 1. F/6560.
Advocacy | campaigns | Discrimination | Stigma

Young people We Care.
Corporate author: DFID, JSI.
Location: CA. CA 1/BS10058.
Abuse | Community activities | Empathy | Facts about HIV/AIDS | Stigma | Sympathy | volunteer