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Children on the brink: strategies to support children isolated by HIV/AIDS
Author(s): Hunter, S; Williamson, J
Publication details: Arlington, Virginia, Health Technical Services
care and support | Children | HIV

Children with HIV: a crisis matures.
Corporate author: UNAIDS.
Publication details: Geneva, UNAIDS,n.d.
Location: CSF 7937.
Children | Drugs | Infection | PWAs | Vertical Transmission | Vulnerability

Choice of Antiretroviral Drugs for Postexposure Prophylaxis for Children: A Systematic Review
Author(s): Penazzato, Martina
Publication details: UK, Oxford University Press, 2015
Publication in: • CID 2015:60 (Suppl 3) • S177
Antiretroviral Drugs | Children | Postexposure Prophylaxis | Safety | Tolerability

Doctors' attitudes to the care of children with HIV in South Africa
Author(s): Fransman, D et al.
Location: CSF 5283.
Children | Ethics | Psychosocial Aspects | Social Aspects | Treatment

Early Childhood Spaces: Involving Young Children and Practitioners in the Design Process.
Author(s): Clark, A
Publication details: The Hague, Bernard van Leer, 2007
Series: Working Papers in Early Childhood Development; No. 45
Children | Children's Spaces | Design | Early Childhood Provision | Skills Training

Enumerating children orphaned by HIV/AIDS: counting a human cost - a critique of statistical accounts of the HIV/AIDS orphan crisis
Author(s): Monk, N
Publication details: Association Francois-Xavier Bagnoud,
Location: Or 1. BS/6763.
Children | demography | Orphans

Fact Sheet on Lopinavir and Ritonavir (LPV/R) Oral Pellets
Corporate author: WHO
Publication details: Geneva, WHO, 2015
Antiretroviral Drugs | Children | HIV | Lopinavir | ritonavir | Treatment

Fast-Track Commitments to End AIDS by 2030
Corporate author: UNAIDS
Publication details: Geneva, UNAIDS, 2016
Children | Deaths | Global Targets | Infection | Prevention | Strategic Planning | Treatment

Frequently asked questions: health professionals.
Corporate author: Cellestis
Publication details: USA, Cellestis International, n.d.
Children | clinical aspects | Results | Treatment | Tuberculosis

Guidelines for HIV/AIDS interventions in emergency settings
Corporate author: Inter-Agency Standing Committee Task Force on HIV/AIDS in Emergency Settings
Publication details: Geneva, UNHCR, 2005
Children | Conflict | emergencies | mobile populations | Prevention | Women
Guidelines on HIV/AIDS and the law for advice and legal office workers.
Corporate author: AIDS Law Project.
Publication details: Wits, AIDS Law Project,199?
Location: Le 1. BS/6881.
Children | criminal law | Health Care | Human Rights | insurance | Workplace

HIV and AIDS affect all children.
Corporate author: Soul City.
Publication details: Johannesburg. oul City,
Location: CSB. BS/10998.
Care | Children | Health | Psychosocial Issues | Testing

HIV pre and post test counselling protocol for children
Author(s): Brakarsh, Jonathan, Garura, Eunice, Degraeve, Hilda.
Publication details: Harare, Family Support Trust,
Location: CSB. BS/9153.
Care | Children | Counselling | Testing

HIV/AIDS epidemic in Blantyre, 10th February 2004
Author(s): KUMWENDA, Newton, SEYAMA, Linly, ZULU, Fatima.
Publication details: Blantyre, John Hopkins University College of Medicine Project,
Location: EP 1. BS/9695.
Care | Children | Economic Aspect | Epidemic | Epidemiology | Incidence | MTCT | Orphans | Prevalence | Socio-Behavioural Context | Statistics | STDs | Stigma and Discrimination | STIs | Support | Transmission | Vulnerability
HIV/AIDS Millenium Development Goal:What water,sanitation and hygiene can do.
Author(s): Fisher J.
Publication details: London, WEDC,
Location: EC. F/9963.
Children | Home Based Care | income generation | Sanitation