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Accelerating Action: A Technical Support Guide to Develop Capacity and to Benefit from Global Health Financing

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Eschborn, Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Technische, 2007

This guide was developed by the BACKUP Initiative of GTZ (see page 16 for details). It provides current information on where technical support for capacity development is most needed, who is able to provide it and how to make best use of it. The guide strives to help readers in three ways:
> Describing lessons learnt about opportunities and challenges related to global health financing in the first four years of the BACKUP Initiative and from its collaboration with partners in 50 countries.
> Providing practical information — tools, resources and the contacts of selected TS providers — to help those in need to boost their capacity in developing, implementing and monitoring programmes and projects and to tap more effectively into rich new streams of global health financing.
> Encouraging a better exchange of information to stimulate discussion and elicit constructive criticism about TS. To this end, the guide is also published on the internet and BACKUP welcomes recommendations and resources from readers to improve and update the guide (