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Capacity bulding in times of HIV/AIDS

Publication year: 
Author (s): 
Mudler, A
Publication details: 
Pretoria, VSO-RAISA, 2006
PL1. BS/10537.

This publication is based on external evaluations of capacity-building interventions within the Regional AIDS Initiative of Southern Africa (RAISA), a programme of the international development agency Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO). The RAISA programme is a clear statement of intent to start on a learning curve of responding to the spread and impact of HIV & AIDS and to tackle the development management challenges that HIV & AIDS presents to development practitioners, development organisations and technical assistance agencies in particular. The programme supports both organisations that have HIV & AIDS as their main focus (e.g. AIDS service organisations or ASOs) and organisations working in different areas that are challenged to adapt their external service role to deal with the effects of HIV & AIDS. Eight case studies are presented, giving examples of the work of some RAISA partners, their capacity-building needs, the support provided by VSO-RAISA and the lessons learnt. Based on these lessons learnt, general organisational and institutional challenges faced by partners are identified, with regard to their back-office work, their front-office work, and going to scale.