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Challenges of Caregivers to Disclose their Children’s HIV Positive Status Receiving Highly Active Anti Retroviral Therapy at Pediatric Anti Retroviral Therapy Clinics in Bahir Dar, North West Ethiopia

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Amare Alemu, Balcha Berhanu and Solomon Emishaw

Caregivers and healthcare workers are presented with group of challenges around disclosure,including deciding on what is in the child’s best interest and when, why and how information about his/her HIV positive status should be shared with him/her. Caregivers are also reluctant to disclose the HIV positive status to their children for fear of social rejection and isolation, parental sense of guilt,and fear that the child would not keep diagnosis to themselves. There is also a lot of controversy about what and when to tell children living with HIV about their diagnosis.The conflict and controversy arises because many families don't think their children can handle the information and they don't want to upset
them because they've already been through so much.