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Consolidated Guidelines on the Use of Antiretroviral Drugs for Treating and Preventing HIV Infection: What is New

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Geneva, WHO, 2015

The 2015 WHO consolidated guidelines on the use of antiretrovirals updates the 2013 edition following an extensive review of evidence. The policy brief presents key features of the guidelines, highlighting new recommendations, and discusses expected impact of country implementation.

The guidelines present both new recommendations and previous WHO guidance. They include clinical recommendations ("the what" of using ARVs for treatment and prevention) and service delivery recommendations to support implementation ("the how" of providing ARVs), along the continuum of HIV testing, prevention, treatment and care.

The guidelines include 10 new recommendations to improve the quality and efficiency of services to people living with HIV. In addition, for the first time the guideline includes "good practice statements" on interventions whose benefits substantially outweigh the potential harms. The guidelines will be a valuable resource for health-care providers and should shape the priorities of policy makers. Meaningful engagement of people living with HIV will be essential for successful implementation.