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At the Crossroads: Linking Strategic Framework to Address Gender-Based Violence and HIV/AIDS in Southern Africa.

Author (s): 
Combrinck, H; Wakefield, L
Corporate author: 
Community Law Centre, University of the Western Cape.
Publication details: 
Western Cape, Community Law Centre, 2007

The objective of this study is therefore to examine the existing subregional policy frameworks aimed at addressing both gender-based violence and HIV/AIDS in the southern African context, and to establish to which extent these frameworks acknowledge each other and are interlinked. In order to conduct this examination, it is necessary to also look at certain of the political commitments that governments have undertaken, since these form the underlying structure for the development of these policies.

The purpose of this report is to assist in the development and enhancement of interlinked gender-based violence and HIV/AIDS policy frameworks at subregional level, and here applicable, at national level in southern Africa. This report is therefore intended to be of use to policy-makers, researchers, non-governmental organisations and activists working in these sectors. This report forms part of a broader project that aims to promote gender democracy in southern Africa by addressing the critical intersections between gender-based violence and HIV/AIDS.