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Evaluation of UNDP’S Role and Contributions in the HIV/AIDS Response in Southern Africa and Ethiopia Evaluation Office, May 2006

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Botswana, UNDP, 2006

The purpose of the evaluation was to assess the role and contributions of UNDP in the achievement of key outcomes at the country level. This included a review of the UNDP role and contributions in the policy and planning choices made by countries in relation to HIV/AIDS. The terms of reference called upon the evaluation to assess whether UNDP was targeting the right areas and taking the correct approach, and to assess the outcomes of its strategy, programmes and projects in addressing HIV/AIDS at the country level. The terms of reference also called for the evaluation to be strategic and forward looking. It was expected to assist the UNDP country offices (COs) concerned in taking an increasingly effective role in HIV/AIDS, with appropriate contributions from corporate units and the Regional Centre for Southern Africa. The findings were also expected to contribute to future UNDP strategies and
programmes on HIV/AIDS.