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The strategic directions and the accompanied objectives require actions by faith based organisations. In order to achieve identified goals, faith based organisations have high lighted key actions that they will take, their roles and responsibilities and the support that they require from UN agencies and government ministries specifically, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Women and Social Welfare and Ministry of Youth. The outlined actions by faith based organisations complement national efforts to prevent the spread of HIV & AIDS in Fiji.Through the highlighted strategies, faith based organisations will: support education and information on HIV & AIDS amongst their congregations. They will also support pregnant women, their partners and young people to access services, support and empower women and their partners to reduce gender based violence and in turn, reduce their risks and vulnerabilities to HIV, The highlighted strategies will enable FBO’s to reach people living with and affected by HIV & AIDS. FBO’s will exercise their theology of care and compassion to ensure that the needs of PLHIV and those affected is addressed.