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Forum on Engaging the Private Sector in Child Health: Final Report, April 2007

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USAID, WHO, World Bank
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London, Malaria Consortium, 2007

There has been a growing recognition that private providers, and the private sector more broadly, constitute a huge resource for improving community health outcomes. In Africa, it has been estimated that nearly 80% of treatments for uncomplicated illness, such as fever, are provided through the private sector. However, these services are frequently unregulated and too often involve inappropriate or substandard care. The potential of the private sector for providing quality services and commodities is great, though it remains largely untapped. Over recent years, a growing body of experience demonstrates the important role of the private provider in community health, and information is now available on strategies and approaches that have been employed in a wide range of settings to improve the quality of these services.

With the aim of learning from these experiences, a forum was convened to review the different approaches and strategies that have been used and to identify strategic approaches to engaging the private sector more effectively at international, regional and country levels. So this report presents the proceedings and the outcomes of this forum.