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Getting to Zero: HiV in Eastern & Southern Africa (Regional Report 2013)

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Geneva, UNAIDS, 2013

This report provides an overview of the HIV epidemics in eastern and southern Africa and of the region’s response and progress towards meeting the 2011 Political Declaration targets, while identifying noteworthy achievements and challenges. e report draws on the most recently available data from the Global AIDS Response Reporting System, national HIV estimation exercises, data gathered and generated by UNAIDS, its co-sponsors and national partners, and the many recent studies and surveys that have been conducted in the region.
The report is extensively referenced to enable interested readers to investigate source materials further. The first chapter reviews the current status and recent trends in the HIV epidemic and shows that new HIV infections (including infections among adults and children) and AIDS-related deaths (including among people infected with both HIV and TB) have dropped steeply in most of the region. The following 10 chapters are structured in accordance with the 10 Political declaration targets. They show that the region on the whole has taken exemplary steps towards reaching those targets, but they also highlight important challenges that will have to be addressed if the current momentum is to be sustained.