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Global AIDS Response Progress Report 2012: Follow up to the 2011 Political Declaration on HIV/AIDS

Publication year: 
Corporate author: 
National AIDS Council (NAC)
Publication details: 
Harare, NAC, 2012

The Global AIDS Response Progress Report 2012 provides a prospect to appraise measures taken in reducing the spread of HIV and AIDS and its impact in Zimbabwe. A Declaration of Commitment (DoC) on HIV and AIDS at the twenty-sixth United Nations General Assembly Special Session on HIV and AIDS was adopted by 189 member states including Zimbabwe in 2001.1 The Heads of States and representatives of Governments met and adopted a Political Declaration on HIV and AIDS in June 2006 based on a comprehensive review of the progress achieved in realizing the targets set out in 2001. A number of goals for the achievement of country-driven specific, quantifiable and time-bound targets towards universal access to comprehensive prevention, treatment, care and support programs were established through the 2006 Political Declaration on HIV and AIDS.