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Global Health Sector Response to HIV, 2000–2015: Focus on Innovations in Africa: Progress Report

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Geneva, WHO, 2015

This report reviews the bold achievements and challenges of the health sector response to HIV over the past 15 years and the extraordinary gains that have been achieved around the world, especially in the African Region. It highlights how the public health approach has been applied and how innovations have been used to maximize its impact. It shows how mobilizing political commitment, involving communities, building partnerships and sustaining solidarity have enabled countries to overcome odds that seemed insurmountable. Ending the AIDS epidemic by 2030 is now a realistic prospect. But the report does not shy away from the major challenges that remain. Half the people living with HIV globally do not know they have acquired the virus and do not receive treatment that can save their lives and prevent other people from becoming infected. The report highlights systematically the main gaps and shortcomings and the action needed to end the AIDS epidemic as a serious public health threat. In particular, a sharp focus on reducing by 75% the number of people
acquiring HIV in the next five years is needed to put us on a sustainable path to end the AIDS epidemic. This will require the full force of the public health sector response to HIV, one that is integrated with other health and development sectors
and that links communities and clinics in innovative ways.