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Global health sector strategy on HIV/AIDS 2011-2015

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GENEVA, World Health Organisation, 2011
EP1 BS/12604

The WHO global health sector strategy on HIV/AIDS, 2011–2015 guides the health sector response to human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) epidemics in order to achieve universal access to HIV prevention, diagnosis,treatment, care and support.The strategy promotes a long-term, sustainable HIV response through strengthening health and community systems, tackling the social determinants of health that both drive the epidemic and hinder the response,and protecting and promoting human rights and promoting gender equity as essential elements of the health sector response. It strengthens integration between HIV and other health services, improving both impact and efficiency. It calls on the world to build on the collaboration, innovation and investment that have forged hard-won progress to date, establishing the foundation for success over the next five years. Figure 1 depicts the elements of the strategy schematically.