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The Global HIV Epidemics among Men Who Have Sex with Men

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Beyrer.C(et al)
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Washington,DC,The World Bank
Directions in Development
EP 1 BS/12577

This volume presents the first global economic analysis undertaken to explore the emerging epidemics of HIV among men who have sex with men in low- and middle-income countries. Using a scenario-based approach, the book systematically reviews the available data to investigate and characterize these epidemics and propose evidence-based and rightsaffirming responses. These responses, which are demonstrated here to be cost-effective, constitute both a public health priority and a clear human rights imperative.Written to help governments, public health agencies, donors, and communities better understand and respond to the HIV epidemics among these often hidden and stigmatized populations, The Global HIV Epidemics among MenWho Have Sex with Menbrings together reviews of epidemiology and the HIV prevention literature; a novel approach to evaluating interventions in prevention, care and treatment; and modeling, costing, and human rights assessments. The book uses a mathematical model to assess the potential country-level impact of interventions, focusing primarily on Kenya, Peru, Thailand, and Ukraine as examples. In all four countries, greater investment in prevention, treatment, and care for men who have sex with men is shown to improve overall HIV epidemic control.

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