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Guide to Hepatitis C for People Living with HIV: Testing, Coinfection, Treatment and Support.

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Corporate author: 
Treatment Action Group (TAG)
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New York, TAG, 2009

This guide provides basic information on Hepatitis C including infection, coinfection and the range of its care and treatment choices available. We have included short personal quotations throughout this guide. You can find more detailed stories from people living with coinfection in the online United Kingdom version, and you can add your own story to this resource ( stories/index.html). The online United Kingdom version of this guide also includes hepatitis information not covered in the print version; see An online US version, also in Russian and Spanish, is available at At the end of this booklet, we have included a list of organizations, web links, and online sources of support. We have also included a glossary that defines some of the medical terms used in this guide. Glossary terms are highlighted in the text in bold. Our understanding of HCV/HIV coinfection is likely to change as new research findings emerge. Please check online for updates, especially if you are reading this edition after February 2010.