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Guidelines for Second Generation HIV Surveillance: An Update: Know Your Epidemic

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Geneva, WHO, 2013

This document describes a process that would enable countries to respond more effectively to their respective HIV epidemics. Using this process, they will be able:
to review and analyse surveillance efforts already undertaken in the country to describe the trends of the epidemic to provide recommendations to policy-makers, and to design methods for additional data collection to strengthen ongoing surveillance systems.

It re-emphasizes the key approaches to conducting HIV surveillance; highlights new methods, tools and thinking to make second generation surveillance more critical and relevant to a country’s response to the HIV epidemic; gives guidance on using and interpreting surveillance data more effectively.

Since the Guidelines on second generation surveillance were published in 2000 (1), a number of other detailed technical guidelines have been developed on specific surveillance topics. These are listed in Appendix B and should be referred to for more detailed information on specific issues related to surveillance. Throughout this update, references are given to technical documents that expand the application of surveillance methods.