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Handbook for district hospitals in resource constrained settings on quality assurance of chest radiography: for better tb control and health system strengthening

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Enarson, D A, Chen-Yuan, C; van Cleeff, M
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Canada, USAID, 2009

The main scope of this handbook is to provide a simple way to assess the quality of chest radiograph as well as fundamentals of chest radiography, and to lead to conducting quality assurance for chest radiography even in resource constrained settings. To be concrete, based on the assessment made at the district hospital, the next steps will focus on the improvement of the quality of chest radiographs on the spot. And then, the handbook deals with quality assurance for chest radiography achieved through a well-organized effort which will be made
by TB supervisors together with physicians and radiographers at the health facilities. The target group for this handbook is the TB supervisors at district and intermediate level who are not specialists in X-ray equipment, radiological technology and clinical interpretation of chest radiographs.
Improving the quality of radiography at district level will also lead to improvement of diagnosis of diseases other than TB and of traumatic injuries. Therefore, TB control programs and their partners should participate actively in both country-led and global efforts to improve action across all major areas of health systems, including policy, human resources, financing, management, service delivery and information systems. In addition, as a considerable future option to improve the quality of radiological examinations, the introduction to digital radiographic technology and its advantages and
disadvantages are also described in this handbook.