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Hiv and aids policy for the energy sector of Zimbabwe.

Publication year: 
Author (s): 
Mpariwa, H
Corporate author: 
International Labour Organisation.
Publication details: 
Harare, ILO, 2009

The Policy provides in detail the rationale, HIV preventive strategies,
prescriptive solutions, and the priorities for mitigation that should be
employed in combating the contracting, spread and effects of HIV. It deals
with the rights and responsibilities of players within the industry, with
regard to this epidemic. The objectives of this guiding policy are, among others: to foster behavioral and attitudinal change; to motivate openness; and to support action within workplaces and across all sectors by building partnerships, networks, initiatives and collaborations against HIV. This policy shall apply to all employees and prospective employees, and employers within the energy sector and shall operate in conjunction with other relevant statutes
that become operational from time to time.